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World War II Study Guide
I. Terms
a. appeasement
b. Lebensraum
c. blitzkrieg & Battle of Britain
d. Atlantic Charter
e. Lend-Lease Act
f. Selective Training and Service Act
g. internment
h. island-hopping
i. kamikaze
j. atomic bomb
k. Mein Kampf
l. Tripartite Pact
m. totalitarianism/government
n. isolationism v. interventionism
II. People
a. Axis leaders: Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito
b. Allied leaders: Churchill, FDR, Stalin
c. Rosie the Riveter
d. Tuskegee Airmen
e. Navajo Code Talkers
f. Harry S. Truman
g. George C. Marshall
h. American military leaders:
Eisenhower, MacArthur
III. Battles, events, etc.
a. Pearl Harbor (date and description)
b. War Production Board
c. D-day/Operation Overlord (date and
d. V-E day & V-J day
e. Manhattan Project
f. Holocaust/”Final Solution”
g. Yalta Conference
h. Potsdam Conference
i. Munich Conference/Agreement
j. United Nations
k. Nuremberg Trials
Bataan Death March
North African Campaing
Geneva Convention
turning points of the war
Stalingrad=Eastern European front
Bulge=Western European front
q. War in Pacific (Coral Sea)
IV. Other things to think about:
Causes of the war (esp. related to the
Great Depression & Treaty of Versailles),
Role of women, 2-front/2 theater war,
strategy, long term effects of the war:
nuclear weapons, creation of Israel, United
Nations, Marshall Plan
This is a list to help
guide your study,
but it may not
include every single
item on the test—nor
will there be a single
question on each of
the items listed.