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Movie Notes—Islam: Empire of Faith, Part 1
1. We do know that Muhammad was born in or around _______________ on the Arabian
2. While still an _______________ Muhammad's parents gave him his first taste of life in the desert.
3. By the time Muhammad was __________, both of his parents had died, and he was taken under the
protection of his ______________, chief of his clan
4. Muhammad's clan would share the _______________ that had been told and retold for generations.
5. To the Bedouin, the _____________ had a mystical importance. ______________ linked the tribe
to its ancestors and celebrated values older than memory.
6. ___________________ and ___________________were the grim realities of a dangerous time.
7. Without the tribe's _______________________, no one could endure.
8. Tribes defended precious grazing _____________, trade _______________, and __________.
9. Each (pre-Islamic) clan had its own separate ___________ and totems to water and wind, fire and
10. They (the totems) were kept in the caravan town of _________________ in a shrine of wood,
stone and cloth.
11. It was called the Kaaba, the Arabic word for _________________.
12. It was said the Hebrew patriarch _____________________ himself built the Kaaba centuries
before and that a sacred black stone it held within had fallen from the ____________.
13. Muhammad became a _______________; in fact, he had a great flair for __________________.
14. At the age of 25, his talents caught the eye of a wealthy _______________ named Khadijah. She
was so taken with Muhammad; she proposed _______________________.
15. Muhammad had a way with people, and with resolving their ___________________. He became
known as the _________________ ____________ (two words in English).
16. In a _____________above Mecca, Muhammad had an experience that would be the defining
moment of his life. An angel was said to appear before him in the form of a ___________, instructing
him to ________________ in the name of God, the Almighty.
17. Above all, Muhammad was to bear one message to his people, a simple yet radical proclamation:
that there is only ____________ _____________.
18. One ___________ meant one _________________. No more tribal divisions.
19. Muhammad's following began to grow. They called themselves 'Muslims', for (meaning) those
who _______________________ ______ ___________ (three words).
Movie Notes—Islam: Empire of Faith, Part 1
20. The Qur'an is a revelation of spiritual teaching, of both ethical and ___________________
guidance. It was revealed, and remains, in ____________________.
21. Rather than a ________________________ image of God, or of Muhammad, it is the beauty of
the Qur'an itself that is celebrated in Islam.
22. As Muhammad's community grew, so did the _____________________________.
23. The tribal leaders demanded that Muhammad's uncle remove his clan's ___________________
from the Prophet, which would clear the way for his ______________ without the threat of
24. Muhammad's followers were forced from the marketplace and ________________________.
25. In 619 AD, Muhammad's _______________ and __________________ died. It was the
opportunity his enemies had been waiting for.
26. Muhammad agreed to travel to Yathrib and settle their disputes in exchange for a ____________
____________________ (two words) for his people.
27. Their journey is known as the Hijrah. The year __________ AD in the Christian calendar marks
the Muslim Year 1.
28. Yathrib would become known as the “City of the Prophet,” or ___________________________.
29. Muhammad’s people began to gather _______________. Though the Muslims prepared as best
they could, they were outnumbered and outmatched. They mustered a force of only __________
against _________________.
30. For __________ years, the Muslim army held out against staggering odds.
31. In 630 AD, the terrified people of Mecca braced for Muhammad's army now
_________________ strong.
32. It was not the _____________ Muhammad had come to destroy; it was their
33. In just _________ years, Muhammad's vision had transformed the spiritual and
___________ map of the world and his followers had established an empire larger than
34. But, Muhammad never ____________ to see it. In the 11th year of the Islamic calendar,
___________ AD, only two years after the taking of Mecca, Muhammad died.
35. Awaiting the Muslims would be a new ___________.They would be destined for
___________________________, for new horizons, and a clash of great powers the like of
which the world had never seen.