Download Minutes: 6th March 2017

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MINUTES OF LRRHAA COMMITTEE MEETING on Monday, March 6th, at 7:30pm at
the Community Centre
Those in Attendance
Colin Sharp
Phil Hart
Ian Matten
Paul Wavell
Arnold Harpin
Nick van Hear
Andrew Benfield
Lorin Watt
Vice Chair
President and Trustee
Lettings Secretary
Committee member
Member: Jon Piggott
Apologies – Colin Cavey, Theresa Gurl, Devendra Khimding
Minutes of the meeting held on 6th March 2017 were read and agreed.
Matters Arising:
a. Glebe Fencing and Hedging – Plants have arrived (to be planted Mar 12th), but the
application for fencing to be installed by OCC vanished in the shifting sands of OCC
fencing grant specs. The Chair is chasing an alternative grant of £400 for fencing
materials only.
Update, Financial State and 2017 Budget. The Treasurer presented the current
financial state-of-play alongside the budget for this year. Water remains by far the
greatest expenditure. The Treasurer explained that although the water bill for this
year already stands at £800, he feels confident LRRHAA will come in on budget. This
is not an easy call because (1) water bills for the year do not coincide with the
financial year, and (2) last year’s usage was distorted by leakage. The meter is read
on a regular basis, so it should be possible to review consumption by calendar versus
financial year going forward.
The Treasurer’s presentation led to further discussion re water conservation. Several
strategies and fixes for restricting or constricting water flow were mooted. Usage
will be carefully monitored this year; should consumption threaten to outstrip
budget, conservation proposals will be revisited.
The Committee agreed that the repair bills for the tractor and the refurbishment of
the mower deck should be paid from the Capital Replacement Pot.
Health & Safety. Ian is in the process of reviewing files for risk assessments.
Waiting List. The list has been reduced by two. A ¼ plot is free (9d).
Working Party Jobs for March 12th. (1) digging a trench for the water project; (2)
general tidy-up around the site; (3) roof and water catchment for structure on the
wild life area; (4) removal of shed on plot 22; and (5) a bonfire (wind permitting) for
the plot 9 and 22 sheds.
Walk Round – actions largely complete.
Maintenance Arrangements. The newsletter included a general heads-up re routine
maintenance tasks to be shared by all. The committee hopes to nudge the new
proposal into practice by speaking informally with individual members as needed.
Communal Bonfire. ODFAA and OCC are opposed to the practice of setting bonfires
in lieu of composting. The Committee therefore decided it best to set the time and
place of future communal bonfires as and when required.
Third Trustee. The election of a third trustee will take place at the next AGM.
Data Protection. A statement of LRRHAA’s policy will be added to the constitution.
System for Lending out Machinery. This should be worked out in the next weeks so
that members know when the strimmers and mower will be available.
 The water will be turned on after the works are complete and roadways opened in
 The plot number markers have deteriorated and need replacement.
Next meeting 24 April 2017 @ 7.30 pm.