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 Principal areas of New Deal regulation. What is Monetary Policy? What is the Federal Reserve Board?
How does it influence the economy?
 What is the effect of the economy on presidential elections? What is Fiscal Policy? What is the national
 What is the federal deficit? What were the effects of the Great Depression on government economic
 What economic policy was the New Deal based on? Define a tariff.
 What is the role of the Office of Management and Budget? Define a trade surplus.
 What is the largest free trade zone in the world? What was the Taft-Harley Act designed to achieve?
 Define laissez-faire economics. Define Keynesian economics. What is inflation?
 What is a closed shop? A union shop? Define deregulation.
 What is economic regulation? What is social regulation?
 Who cared for the elderly before Social Security?
 Why did the United States develop social services later than other Western democracies?
 Who does Social Security mainly benefit? What is Medicare?
 What are entitlement programs (know examples)?
 What was the Great Society and who was it designed to help?
 According to the book, most poor people tend to be ____.
 What is devolution? What is Medicaid?
 What is a characteristic that most of the people without health insurance share?
 What would be an argument in favor of school vouchers?
 What are the main provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001?
 What is public assistance? How is Social Security funded?
 What are the new foreign policy challenges facing the United States?
 What is the primary role of the National Security Council?
 What is the primary role of the State Department?
 What is the primary role of the Foreign Service?
 What is the primary role of the Central Intelligence Agency?
 What are the different foreign and defense policy options?
 What is the primary role of the Defense Department?
 After WWII, which country could rival the United States as a world power?
 What is Realism? What is Internationalism? What is Deterrence?
 What is Mutual Assured Destruction? What is Isolationism?
 Who is the commander in chief of the United States armed forces?
 Which branch of government is constitutionally allowed to declare war?
 What was the Cold War?
 Who appropriates money for the military?
 What is the name of the terrorist organization headed by Osama bin Laden?
 What is hard/soft power?
 What issue is most closely tied to terrorism?
 Who gives consent to treaty ratification in the United States?
 What are the three major duties of an intelligence agency?
Political parties in the United States are supposed to support what type of approach to foreign policy?
During what year did the U.S., Israel, and Arab nations embrace the “Road Map to Peace”?
What are Weapons of Mass Destruction?