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2011–2012 Annual Report
From Jerry Manning and Benjamin Moore
We ended the 49th season on a high note, with stellar reviews and blockbuster ticket sales for our
final four shows—I Am My Own Wife; Red; Or,; and Clybourne Park. We surpassed our ticket sales
goals for five of our eight productions and we extended the runs of Red and I Am My Own Wife. We
exceeded our subscription goals, including dollars (+$77K) and numbers of households and packages
(+331 seats), for our FY12 subscription campaign, continuing to hold steady against the downward
trend we had experienced for many years. We are heartened that both subscription renewals and
new acquisitions exceeded their goals.
In an effort to produce great theatre we sought to amplify the standard of excellence that has always
been the trademark of this theatre by engaging the best actors, directors, writers and designers in
the field and by encouraging these artists to push themselves to greater levels of achievement. We
strived to create an atmosphere around the Rep’s season that inspired critics, expanded audiences,
and increased the theatre’s donor base as we honored Seattle Rep’s promise to produce work that
surprises, entertains, challenges and uplifts.
Seattle Rep’s commitment to artists and artistic integrity is matched by our commitment to fiscal
responsibility. We have operated without an accumulated deficit for over 40 years now, and expect to
continue this trend as we enter our next half century.
Our 50th Anniversary season will showcase what Seattle Rep does best: classic American dramas,
Seattle Rep originals, contemporary hits, and laugh out loud comedies. The artistic staff spent the past
few months finalizing casting and design teams, and is looking forward to welcoming back old friends
and introducing new ones to our audiences. Subscription sales for the anniversary season are strong,
and behind-the-scenes, we have been hard at work gathering stories and pulling together an intimate
history of the Rep—one that we look forward to sharing with you throughout the course of the season.
We also want to take a moment to acknowledge the 40+ leading philanthropists who chose to honor
the theatre with a multi-year gift in support of our 50th Anniversary season and beyond. These charter
79 Club members (an allusion to gold’s atomic number, as well as a nod to the theatre’s golden
anniversary), have demonstrated a profound respect for the work we do, and have given us the
encouragement and support to present the upcoming season.
Jerry Manning
Artistic Director
Benjamin Moore
Managing Director
Photo by Alan Alabastro
Number of performances
Tickets sold
Seattle Rep subscribers
Number of patrons
under 25 in attendance
by Lorenzo Pisoni and Erica Schmidt, directed by Erica Schmidt
Produced in association with American Conservatory Theater
September 30—October 23, 2011
While other kids dreamed of running away to join the circus, Lorenzo
Pisoni was dreaming about running away from it. Now an acclaimed
actor from Broadway’s Equus and Seattle Rep’s The Great Gatsby he
spent his early years popping out of a trunk and mastering juggling
with his father’s Pickle Family Circus. With this delightful, tender and
acrobatic new show Pizoni revisits his eccentric childhood, particularly
his relationship with his dad.
by Annie Baker, directed by Andrea Allen
“A genial outlook on life goes
a long way to endear a play
to its audience in cynical
October 21—November 20, 2011
In an artsy small town, an unlikely collection of strangers sign up for
Marty’s “Adult Creative Drama” class. As their relationships develop
over the course of the summer, the seemingly silly games generate some
real-life drama. This delightful comedy from new playwright Annie Baker
landed on the Top Ten lists of The New York Times and the New Yorker
in 2010.
“Whether he’s simply blowing
up balloons, carrying
suitcases up stairs or (my
favorite) attempting to dive
into a bucket of water, Pisoni
plays it all close to the vest
with sublime and unobtrusive
—Seattle Weekly
by A.R. Gurney, directed by R. Hamilton Wright
“The ménage a trois of man,
wife and pet in A.R. Gurney’s
‘Sylvia’ is a love triangle
many a long-wed couple (or
any fervent dog lover) can
relate to.”
November 11—December 11, 2011
Empty nesters Greg and Kate have moved back to Manhattan after
twenty-two years in the suburbs. As Kate tells Greg; “The dog phase of
my life is definitely over.” But life has a way of giving you what you don’t
want. Greg finds Sylvia, a street-smart lab/poodle mix and brings her
home. She promptly becomes a bone of contention between Greg and
Kate testing their marriage to hilarious and touching effect.
—Seattle Times
by Bill Cain, directed by Kent Nicholson
A world premiere co-production with Berkeley Repertory Theatre
January 14—February 20, 2012
From the writer of Equivocation comes a beautiful new play taken
from Cain’s own experiences caring for his dying mother. He asks
the questions that speak to the heart of every family: What will never
change… and what has to? A Jesuit priest as well as a playwright, Cain
brings a fascinating view to this simple, powerful illustration of why the
details of our lives and loves matter.
11/12 Season Annual Report
“It’s an elegant production;
every transition is graceful”
—Seattle Stranger
2011-2012 Season (cont.)
by Doug Wright, directed by Jerry Manning
February 3—March 4, 2012
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, playwright Doug Wright (Quills)
began a conversation with Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, an elegant and
eccentric 65-year-old German transvestite who, against all odds, hid
from the Nazis in plain sight as a woman. Wright uses more than 30
characters-all played by Nick Garrison (This, 5th Avenue’s Cabaret,
Hedwig and the Angry Inch worldwide)- to piece together Charlotte’s
controversial life. This 2004 Pulitzer Prize Drama and Tony Award
winner for best play tells a profound story of survival.
—SGN Seattle
by John Logan, directed by Richard E.T. White
Produced in association with Arizona Theatre Company
February 24—March 18 2012
What is art? And who gets to decide anyway? It’s 1958, and
expressionist painter Mark Rothko has just been offered the biggest
commission in the history of modern art. He and his young assistant
Ken work feverishly until Ken begins to realize his answers to those
fundamental questions about art are very different than his mentor’s.
Winner of six Tony Awards, this sizzling 90-minute drama is one of
the most intellectually riveting shows to hit Broadway last season.
“The impact of the play is of such
importance that the prize-winning
work should be on the ‘must
see’ list for any theatergoer in
the LGBT community, as well as
general audiences throughout the
Emerald City.”
by Liz Duffy Adams, directed by Allison Narver
March 23—April 22 2012
Aphra Behn is England’s first female professional playwright…and a
spy. She’s just quit the espionage business to write her first play, and
she’s on deadline when her former lover blazed in with enemies on
his heels. To complicate things, the city’s hottest actress, Nell Gwynne,
is getting awfully friendly, and, for that matter, so is King Charles II.
Set in Restoration England, this playful farce is a rush of mad-cap
antics, gender bending and rollicking intrigue.
“Red boils down to an aesthetic
debate/rivalry that seesaws
between the scintillating and
pretentious, the authentic
(Rothko’s own words are often
quoted) and contrived.”
—Seattle Times
“It is a ride, make no mistake.
It’s a joy-filled, extravagant roller
coaster with sex, glam rock, spies
and theatricality.”
—The Sun Break
By Bruce Norris, directed by Braden Abraham
April 20—May 13, 2012
A spin on Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun, this razorsharp satire takes a jab at race and real estate in a Chicago
neighborhood’s past and present. The play begins in 1959 as a
black family moves into a white enclave. Act Two takes us back to
the same house in 2009 as gentrification sets in and the roles are
reversed. One agile ensemble of actors plays two sets of characters
in the play the Washington Post deemed “one of its feistiest, funniest
evenings in years.”
11/12 Season Annual Report
“Run don’t walk to catch this
FY12 CONTRIBUTED INCOME: $3.3 MILLION* (in thousands)
Individual Gifts
Corporate Support
Government Support
Special Events, net
ArtsFund & NCTF
FY12 OPERATING INCOME: $7.9 MILLION* (in thousands)
3% 2%
Contributed Income
Ticket Income
Endowment Support
Other Earned Income
FY12 OPERATING EXPENSES: $7.9 MILLION* (in thousands)
Artistic & Production
Marketing & Communications
Administration & Facilities
*derived from audited financial statements
11/12 Season Annual Report
From Our Board Leadership
The 2011-12 season was the second with Jerry Manning at the artistic helm and our community continued to embrace his programming.
Trustees continued their advocacy role as Show Champions, directing their time and efforts toward championing a show of their choice with
like-minded Trustees. We read scripts, learned more about artistic and production challenges, and organized events that introduced new
patrons to Seattle Rep.
The combination of great art and good governance enabled the theatre to end FY12 on balance using operating reserves replenished in
FY11, continuing a 41 year history of no accumulated operating deficit. We celebrate this achievement, but are mindful of the challenges
ahead. As stewards of the theatre’s rich history and hopeful future, the Seattle Repertory Theatre Board takes its responsibilities to heart. We
are fortunate to have an endowment fund, but are taking steps to reduce the reliance on distributions to support operations. A seven-year
financial model has been developed that will be refined into a three-year business plan that will include specific action steps toward this goal.
Seattle Rep remains a vital source for creative thought and conversation, a pillar of the Seattle arts community, and a home for more than
150 actors, directors, designers, and theatre professionals. We have a highly qualified staff and a board of 45 committed trustees who
take tremendous interest in the short and long-term health of our theatre. Be assured that funds given to the Rep are carefully managed and
represent a solid investment in the future of Seattle Rep and the arts in this city.
Signed by:
Hal Strong (2011-2012 Board Chair)
Brent Johnson (2011-2012 Board President)
Board of Trustees
Hal Strong, Chair
Brent Johnson, President
Jean-Pierre Green, Vice President/Treasurer
Stellman Keehnel, Vice President
Paige Thompson Armentrout
Clodagh Ash
Lauren Bennett
Paula Butzi
Jeanne Cantalini †
M. Tamra Chandler
Margaret Clapp
Donna Cochener-Metcalfe †
Tracy Daw
Debra Doran
Bill Franklin
Jean-Pierre Green
Sherri Havens
Earle J. Hereford
Toni Hoffman
Brent Johnson
Bruce E.H. Johnson
Stellman Keehnel
Deborah T. Killinger
Maureen Knight
Amy Kosmos
Becky Lenaburg
Lynn Manley
Jerry Manning †
David M. Marriott
Marcia Mason
Marcella McCaffray
Phil McCune
Kevin Miller
Terri Olson Miller
Kevin Millison
Benjamin Moore †
Jerry Nagae
Robin Nelson †
David Quinn
Renée Ryan
Julie Sandler
Christine Stevens
Hal Strong
Terri Olson Miller, Vice President
David Quinn, Vice President
Marisa Walker, Vice President
Phil McCune, Secretary
Janet True
Julie Villegas
Marisa Walker
Scott R. Weaver
Shauna Woods
Jane Zalutsky
Nancy Alvord
Robert S. Cline
Bill Gates, Sr.
John Hempelmann
Robert L. King, Jr.
John A. Moga
Ilse Oles
Ann Ramsay-Jenkins
Stanley Savage
Dorothy L. Simpson
James F. Tune
† ex-officio
11/12 Season Annual Report
Toni Hoffman, Chair Emeritus
Becky Lenaburg, President-Elect
Jean Viereck
Jill Watkins
Bagley Wright
Deborah Rosen
Patrick Schultheis
Tammy Talman
David Alhadeff
Chap Alvord
Pam Anderson
Jack Cortis
Joanne Euster
Donald Foster
Greg Gottesman
Mary Kay Haggard
Ann M. Kelly
H.L. (Skip) Kotkins, Jr.
Robert S. Leventhal
Nancy Mertel
J. P. Michael
Robin Nelson
Bruce Pym
Lynn Manley, Chairman
Ben Moore, President/Vice
Rachel Robert, Secretary/
Jean-Pierre Green †
Brent Johnson †
Bruce E.H. Johnson
John A. Moga
Ann Ramsay-Jenkins
Elizabeth D. Rudolf
Stanley Savage
Carlyn Steiner
Hal Strong †
New Play Program
New Play Program
In 2009, Artistic Director Jerry Manning officially re-energized the theatre’s New Play Program, a
formalized program dedicated to cultivating new voices and presenting world premieres from some of the
country’s most exciting playwrights. We are continuing this momentum through the 2011-12 season with
a variety of commissioned works, workshops and residencies.
Writers Group
In November of 2011 five Northwest writers were selected to take part in SRT’s inaugural Writers Group.
Emily Conbere, Vincent Delaney, Al Frank, Elizabeth Heffron, and Stephanie Timm joined this two-year
initiative dedicated to fostering the talents of Northwest playwrights. The writers group is a forum for
the participants to challenge, encourage, and motivate each other through an extended conversation
about their work. More than 80 writers applied to take part in the group. The five selected will bring to
the table vastly different styles and voices, and the writers are all at different stages in their careers and
2010–11 New Play Program projects included:
Pullman Porter Blues by Cheryl L. West
In 2008, Seattle Rep commissioned West to write Pullman Porter Blues, and the theatre has continued to work with the
playwright through the development process. There have been three workshops at the theatre, two with director Lisa Peterson.
Since the re-commitment to the New Play Program in 2009, Pullman Porter Blues is the first commissioned project that will
premiere on our main stage: the play will be the season opener for the theatre’s 50th Anniversary season.
Untitled by Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig YES PROJECT
Cowhig, who came to Seattle Rep in February 2010 with Lidless (which was workshopped in collaboration with the University of
Washington’s School of Drama), is working on a new play set in the Pacific Northwest, inspired by meetings with local Seattle
youth and activists.
Members of the 2011-2012 Writers Group, photo credit unknown.
11/12 Season Annual Report
Commissions (cont.)
Lizard Boy by Justin Huertas YES PROJECT
Huertas and Artistic Director Jerry Manning are developing a piece about a young concert cellist who discovers he has
superpowers that seem to emanate from his cello bow. Described by Manning as “Marvel Comics meets chamber operetta”,
Huertas serves as writer, librettist, and composer for this new theatrical experiment with live music.
The Hound of the Baskervilles by David Pichette and R. Hamilton Wright
Actors David Pichette and R. Hamilton Wright are adapting The Hound of Baskervilles. A first reading was held at the theatre
in March 2011.
All the Way by Robert Schenkkan
All the Way is a biographical play about Lyndon B. Johnson presented in two parts. Upon the assassination of JFK, the
charismatic Texan is unexpectedly launched into the presidency and finds himself mired in Civil Rights legislation and a
looming conflict in Vietnam.
Exodus by Sam Hunter
Exodus centers around Walter, who has spent his life counseling teenage Christian boys whose parents fear their sons have
homosexual tendencies. When a teenager arrives at a fellowship camp in the Idaho wilderness, Walter has a crisis of faith.
Mr. Burns: a post electric play by Anne Washburn
SRT workshopped and performed two public readings of The Simpsons inspired play with music. It’s a rocking, rollicking, scary
good time that leaves you questioning how you would make sense of the world if all your gizmos were gone.
Northwest Playwrights Alliance New Play Readings
On the second Tuesday of every month, the NPA features
new works for a live audience. This free reading series
allowed us to continue a partnership with NPA and a host
of tremendous local playwrights to develop new work at
its beginning stages.
p r e s e n ts
by Che
ryl L. W
d by Li
sa Pete
Cast of Exodus workshop, 2012; photo by Andry Laurence.
11/12 Season Annual Report
Inspiring the Next Generation
Education programs at Seattle Rep
Seattle Rep’s renowned education department serves thousands of students each
year, giving them access to our creative process and nurturing the artists, educators,
leaders, and theatre-goers of today – and tomorrow. The majority of Seattle Rep’s
arts education programs are provided at no or low cost to our school partners.
Nearly 40% of the students who participate in our programs come
from families with low to moderate incomes.
Bringing Theatre Into the Classroom (BTiC)
A partnership with Seattle Children’s Theatre, Seattle Shakespeare Company, and Book-It Repertory Theatre
Over 600 teachers have participated in this program over the past 12 years. In July 2011, 61 new teachers and 11 returning
alumni gathered at the Rep for an invigorating five-day series of workshops. Teachers learned how to incorporate theatre and
arts appreciation into the curriculum and use drama to make other subjects come alive. Over the school year Teaching Artists
conducted 43 follow-up classroom residencies at 32 different schools, reaching 1,290 students.
School Matinee Program
For the 2011—2012 season, we offered 8 reduced-price student matinees reaching a total of 2,808 students. Each matinee
includes a talkback with actors to further enrich student understanding of the play’s themes and artistic challenges. Prior to their
visit, Seattle Rep Teaching Artists traveled to participating schools and collaborated in the classroom with teachers to prepare
and inform students about the play they would experience. Throughout the season six one-hour Back Stage Pass residencies
were provided at no additional cost to schools, reaching an additional 270 students.
Teachers at one of our BTiC events; photo by Derek Sparks.
11/12 Season Annual Report
Professional Arts Training Program (PATP)
For more than 20 years, Seattle Repertory Theatre has fostered interns as they begin their careers in the non-profit arts world.
Each season, members of the PATP are fully integrated into various areas of the theatre, contributing ideas and completing
projects. Weekly seminars establish a learning community, allowing for reflection, planning for the future, and gaining a
comprehensive understanding of non-profit regional theatre. Our interns go on to work at the country’s top arts organizations,
including right here at Seattle Rep.
Playwriting Project
For more than a decade, Seattle Rep has been developing short plays with high school students. This season we partnered with
Seattle’s Roosevelt High School and Liberty High School in Renton. 52 students got to work with professional artists to develop
and produce their own work. The Roosevelt plays had their world premieres on the Leo K. Stage and the Liberty plays were
staged at the school. Teaching artists logged 200 contact hours with the students.
2011 Roosevelt Playwriting Project participants; photo credits unknown.
SEATTLE REPERTORY THEATRE — 10 — 11/12 Season Annual Report
August Wilson Monologue Competition
For a second year, Seattle Rep joined colleagues in Atlanta,
Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York and Los Angeles to present this
national competition for high school students. Given the theatre’s
close connection to the late playwright, we were thrilled to make
the competition an annual activity at the Rep, and a centerpiece
of our education programming.
The Rep offered a series of workshops in schools and at the
theatre which introduced 110 students to August Wilson’s work,
helped them in selecting a monologue, and provided extensive
coaching. Participants performed a 3-minute monologue from one
of August Wilson’s plays and were selected by a panel of local
artists including Seattle Rep Associate Artistic Director, Braden
Abraham; the cast of Clybourne Park; and Wilson’s long-time
assistant Dena Levitan.
Three finalists were selected on April 3rd to participate in the
National Finals, which took place on Broadway at the August
Wilson Theatre in May 2012. In addition to the all-expense trip to
New York, participants also received cash prizes of $500, $250,
and $100. We are proud to report that among the 15 national
finalists, Xavier Evans, a senior at Timberline High School, Drew
Boening, a senior at South Kitsap High School, and Stacey Ejim,
a junior at Timberline High School, represented Seattle.
2012 August Wilson Monologue Finalists Stacey Ejim, Xavier Evans
and Drew Boenig; photo by Fran Kao.
Building for the Future:
The Yes Project
At Seattle Rep, we know the importance of connecting with a new
generation of theatre artists and audience members, and our Yes
Project is our commitment to that. Our main goal? Find and develop
plays for our stages that feature youth protagonists and/or have a
curriculum tie-in. That’s why plays like Circle Mirror Transformation
appear on our stages.
But we also know that theatre is not just about sitting back and
watching. The Yes Project inspires student playwrights through our
Playwriting Project, and aspiring actors through the August Wilson
Monologue Competition.
Renata Friedman in
The K of D, an urban
Cast oflegend,
Circle Mirror
2011Transformation; photo by Chris Bennion.
Finally, as part of our commitment to representing youth, we have
undertaken an ambitious commissioning program to find and
develop new and/or adapted texts that fit those guidelines. Read
more about it on pages 7-8.
SEATTLE REPERTORY THEATRE — 11 — 11/12 Season Annual Report
Engaging the Community
Supporting the Rep: Seattle Repertory Organization
Established 50 years ago, the Seattle Repertory Organization (SRO) is one of the largest, most active theatre volunteer
organizations in the country. Members gather monthly at Seattle Rep for a short business meeting, followed by a program
related to the art being presented on stage. During the 2011-12 season, SRO’s 55 active members contributed 4,666
volunteer hours and used the proceeds from their volunteer-run Shop at the Rep and numerous small fundraisers like the
fabulous SRO Goes to the Dogs event to contribute $30,000 to the theatre.
Share Theatre
In March 2011, Seattle Rep launched, an online community that includes artist videos, contests, and
opportunities for audience engagement online—and off. The site hosts a range of tools for audiences to use the power of word
of mouth to get friends and family to join. is funded by a grant from the Wallace Foundation. The grant was given to Seattle Rep in order for us to
identify the patrons most likely to “share theatre” with new audience members. is one component of the grant,
which also includes a pilot program using gift cards called Play Passes. Influential patrons receive a $50 card to pass on to new
In the 2011—2012 season, 780 play passes were redeemed.
In 2011-2012...
15 posts were made to the Rep Blog—everything
from Jerry Manning sharing his thoughts about the state of
theatre to videos of our sets being built in timelapse.
1,300 new people started following Seattle
Rep on Twitter
1,600 new people “liked” us on Facebook.
SEATTLE REPERTORY THEATRE — 12 — 11/12 Season Annual Report
Supporting the Rep
Each year more than 3,000 individuals, companies, foundations, and government agencies give financial support to Seattle
Rep’s artistic and education programs. Their generous gifts comprise more than 40% of our annual budget, making it possible
for the curtain to go up night after night. We are grateful to the following donors for their leadership and vision.
Institutional Donors
$500,000 OR MORE
Seattle Repertory Theatre Foundation
The Wallace Foundation
$50,000 - $499,999
Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural
The Shubert Foundation
Washington State Arts Commission
$25,000 - $49,999
AT&T Foundation
The Boeing Company Charitable
The Chisholm Foundation
John Graham Foundation
MarketFitz, Inc.
National Corporate Theatre Fund
National Endowment for the Arts
Nesholm Family Foundation
Seattle Repertory Organization
$10,000 - $24,999
The Sheri and Les Biller Family
Christensen O’Connor Johnson Kindness
Clark Nuber
U.S. Bancorp Foundation
Wells Fargo
Wright Education Fund
$5,000 - $9,999
Norman Archibald Charitable
BNY Mellon
Chateau Ste. Michelle
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Esterline Technologies Corporation
Fisher Communications, Inc.
Holland America Line Inc.
Homewood Suites by Hilton
Horizons Foundation
McAdams Wright Ragen
Sterling Savings Bank
Stoel Rives LLP
Summit Law Group*
$3,000 - $4,999
Cairncross & Hempelmann, P.S.
Eben Design, Inc.
Fales Foundation Trust
Harris myCFO, Inc.
Perkins Coie LLP
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
$1,000 - $2,999
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Kutscher Hereford Bertram Burkart
Standard Parking
UNDER $1,000
Celebrated Chefs
Hale’s Ales
Greg Kucera Gallery
The Melting Pot
Metropolitan Market
QFC/Quality Food Centers, Inc.
The Sitting Room
Stuhlbergs, Inc.
T.S. McHugh’s Irish Pub & Restaurant
Ten Mercer
*Crew sponsors/Italics represent in-kind.
SEATTLE REPERTORY THEATRE — 13 — 11/12 Season Annual Report
A Record-breaking Gala!
Kicking Off our 50th Anniversary with 60s Style
On Friday, March 30, 2012, 250 friends of Seattle Rep joined us at the theatre for our annual fundraising gala,
Repartee. With a swinging 60’s theme, the event kicked off the Rep’s 50th Anniversary season festivities. As always, we
were inspired by the community’s support of Seattle Rep; $365,000 was raised in support of the theatre’s artistic and
educational programming.
Guests dine on the Bagley Wright stage
2012 Gala photos by Chris Bennion.
SEATTLE REPERTORY THEATRE — 14 — 11/12 Season Annual Report
Donors raise their paddles for the Rep
Individual Donors
Seattle Repertory Theatre gratefully acknowledges the following individuals for their cumulative contributions of $1,000
or more made during our 2011-2012 season (July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012). This list includes gifts made to our Annual
Fund, Gala Table Sponsorship, Gala Raise the Paddle donations, and Matching Gifts.
Each year contributions from audience members: subscription holders, as well as single ticket buyers help ensure Seattle
Rep’s artistic excellence and financial stability. Every gift makes a difference. We thank all of you for being a part of the
Rep community.
$100,000 AND MORE
Matthew N. Clapp, Jr.*
Mr. † & Mrs. Bagley Wright
$50,000 - 99,999
Chap & Eve Alvord*
Stellman Keehnel
$25,000 - $49,999
Mrs. E.C. Alvord*
Ballinger Family Foundation
Steven A. & Connie E. Ballmer
Brent & Catherine Johnson*
Linda & Ted Johnson*
Deborah T. Killinger
Lynn Manley & Lex Lindsey*
Marcella McCaffray*
Tom & Terri Olson Miller*
Ann Ramsay-Jenkins & The William M. Jenkins
Advised Trust*
Elizabeth D. Rudolf*
Seattle Repertory Organization
Hal & Ann Strong*
Anonymous (2)
$15,000 - $24,999
Jed Fowler
William E. Franklin*
Jay Hereford & Margaret Winsor*
Winky & Peter Hussey*
The Knossos Foundation
Amy Kosmos*
Becky Lenaburg & Paul Urla*
Robin & Dave Nelson*
Ann Wyckoff*
$10,000 - $14,999
Ken & Marleen Alhadeff Fund for Theatre
Doug & Paige Armentrout*
Bob & Clodagh Ash
Alta & Stan Barer
Paul Canniff
Jeanne Cantalini
Allan & Nora Davis
Jane & David R. Davis
Dick & Jill Davis
James C. & Judith Douglas
John & Maureen Harley*
Kawasaki Foundation
Chris & Kathleen Kosmos*
Marcus & Pat Meier
Vic & Mary K. Moses
Jerry & Marcia Nagae*
Hillary & David Quinn
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Scheumann
Mary Ann & John Underwood
Janet & Bill Weaver
Richard L. Weisman
Thomas Wright & Alexandra Brouwer-Wright
$5,000 - $9,999
Diana & Warren Aakervik, Jr.
Bottler Charitable Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Brotman
Margaret Clapp*
Tracy & Suzanne Daw
Deb & Jeff Doran/Harris myCFO, Inc.
Bill Gates & Mimi Gardner Gates*
Mrs. Robert E. Gilman
Jean-Pierre Green & Jennifer Ladd*
Sherri Havens*
Toni & Rod Hoffman*
Bruce E. H. Johnson & Sandra E. Davis*
Norman & Lisa Judah
Calvin & Maureen Knight
Dr. J. Pierre & Felice Loebel
Jerry Manning*
Philip & Jill McCune*
Kevin Miller & Stephanie McBain
Kevin Millson & Jeanne Ballot*
Karen Rose Mitchell
Everett P. & Andrea Paup
David & Valerie Robinson
Renee and Brendyn Ryan*
Herman & Faye Sarkowsky
Stanley D. & Ingrid H. Savage
Carlo & Lalie Scandiuzzi
Richard B. Stead & Elizabeth A. Ryll
Sherry & John Stilin
Gregory & June Thomas
Shirley & David Urdal
Bruce & Peggy Wanta
Shauna Woods & Benjamin Arenas*
Jane Zalutsky & Mark Kantor*
Marcia & Klaus Zech
$3,000 - $4,999
Dean and Lynda Anderson
Pam Anderson
David & Joanna Beitel
Eileen & James Birge
Vernon C. Bryant, Jr.
Zig Burzycki & Stephanie Alquist
Michael & Lynne Bush*
Paul & Paula Butzi
Tom & Cynthia Captain
Tamra Chandler & Jeff Mosier*
Mrs. Harry W. Clark
Steven & Judith Clifford
Donna Cochener-Metcalfe & Christian Metcalfe*
Joan Cremin*
The Lewis S. & Susan D. Edelheit Fund
James R. & Gretchen Faulstich*
Anne & Will Foster
Natalie Gendler
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Hedreen
Rod and Nancy Hochman
Donna & Gary Iverson
David & Helen Marriott
May McCarthy
Mr. & Mrs. Carl R. Meurk
Drs. Ernest & Erika Michael
Mrs. E.A. Nowogroski
Mrs. Harry Pryde
Timothy & Paula Rattigan
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SEATTLE REPERTORY THEATRE — 15 — 11/12 Season Annual Report
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*79 Club Member
† Deceased
Coming Up: 2012-2013 Season
by Cheryl L. West
directed by Lisa Peterson
by Tennessee Williams
directed by Braden Abraham
September 27—October 28, 2012
October 26—December 1, 2012
by Daniel Sullivan and the Seattle Repertory Theatre
Resident Company
directed by Jerry Manning
November 23—December 23, 2012
by David Mamet
directed by Wilson Milam
January 11—February 3, 2013
SEATTLE REPERTORY THEATRE — 16 — 11/12 Season Annual Report
2012-2013 Season (cont.)
by Anna Ziegler
directed by Braden Abraham
February 1—March 3, 2013
based on the book “War Horse” by Michael Morpurgo,
adapted for the stage by Nick Stafford
in association with Handspring Puppet Company
February 13—February 24, 2013
by David Lindsay-Abaire
directed by David Saint
March 8—March 31, 2013
by Marc Camoletti
translated by Beverley Cross & Francis Evans
directed by Allison Narver
April 19—May 19, 2013
SEATTLE REPERTORY THEATRE — 17 — 11/12 Season Annual Report
155 Mercer Street | Seattle, WA 98109
206-443-2222 (toll-free 877-900-9285) |