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Learning outcomes:
1 I can describe the relative abundance of species on Earth and its different
1.1 – Examining Diversity
Biological Diversity
All living things …
 are made up of cells
 need energy
 need to grow and develop
 need to reproduce.
 have adaptations.
The entire collection of living organisms, each with their own unique
characteristics, makes up the Earth's biodiversity
Species – a group of organisms that have the same structure and can reproduce
with one another
That’s right!!! If you can’t make a
baby with it, it’s not from the same
Ex: The elephant cannot make babies
with the eagle… therefore they are not
from the same species.
"Biological diversity refers to the
variety of species and ecosystems
on the Earth and the ecological
processes of they are a part of."
The main components of
biodiversity are:
1. Diversity Between Ecosystems:
the different types of living
communities and the
environments, such as marshes,
lakes, streams and forests, in
which they are found
Ecosystem – a system where the living
and non-living work together.
Living = biotic (FISH, BACTERIA, HUMANS)
Non-living = abiotic (AIR, LIGHT, WATER)
2. Diversity Within Ecosystems :
Community diversity - occurs within populations (members of a species that
live in a specific area and share the same resources) of organisms living within
a particular ecosystem
Ex: Diversity within all living organisms in the Canadian Rockies
3. Diversity Within Species:
Occurs within individual organisms of the same species
Ex: Diversity within all humans.
4. Genetic Diversity :
occurs within organisms at a cellular level, as it describes the variety of
genetic material in all living things.
5. Species Distribution:
Plant and animal species are not distributed evenly throughout
the various eco-regions of the world.
Most of the different species of plants and animals can be found
in tropical regions and, more specifically, in the rainforests.
As you move closer to the poles of the Earth, there is less
biological diversity
***Use Kagan strategies:
Rally Robin– work on the following words – ecosystem, species, community, population,
biotic and abiotic
1. Project – Representing Biological Diversity – Activity A-1, p.14
2. Imax video – The Secrets of Life on Earth