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This will usually be given but, if not, should fully describe the experiment. Capitalize
the first letter of every major word.
What is the goal of the investigation? This must be at least one complete sentence.
This is a list of all biologic material, chemicals, equipment and tools used.
This is a step-by-step description of what was done. It should be written in past
tense. No personal pronouns are to be used.
Data – Results – Observations
Just the facts! No interpretation is made here. When appropriate this should
include a data table and/or graph.
Interpretation of the observations is made here. One describes what the data
indicates. Error analysis should be made. Indicate where further work could or
should be done.
This includes answering assigned questions.
(cover page)
Drosophila Lab Report --- details
The fruit fly has long been used by researchers in the field of
genetics because of its many convenient characteristics, which
o Ease in culturing and handling.
o Short generation time.
o Much success with breeding.
o Small size.
The purpose of this laboratory experience is to identify the
likely phenotype and genotype of the P1 generation when
given the F1 generation. The F1 generation will be crossed and
F2 data collected. Using this data and Punnett squares the
genetic profile of each generation will be deduced. In this case,
the trait of wing type (wild and vestigial wing) will be used.
Data Table
“Background” goes in the conclusions section because it was a
list of questions to be answered.