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Mulla Naseeruddin says that the Gita too has been changed by hindu priests and further says that
this is an unbelievable fact.
According to the Mahabharata, original Bhagvad Gita had 745 shlokas (verses) but modern Gita has
only 700 verses. It is mentioned in the Bhishma Parv of Mahabharata Adhyaai 43, shloka 4
षट्शतानि सव श
िं ानि श्लोकािािं प्राह केश ः
जु िं सप्तपिंचाशत सप्त षष्ठि च सिंर्यः
ज यते
ृ राठर श्लोक मेकिं गीतायािं माि मच्
"In Gita 620 shlokas were spoken by Sri Krishna, Arjuna spoke 57 shlokas, Sanjaya spoke 67, while
Dhritrashtra spoke 1 shloka"
The total comes to 745 shlokas. However in the modern Gita the shlokas of Krishna are 575, Arjuna
shlokas are 84, Sanjaya shlokas are 40 and Dhritrashtra shloka is 1. The total is 700.
Look more closely at the tagged Mahabharat page from Gita Press edition and find the foot note. It
says that the above said 5 slokas are not present in all manuscripts. This implies that this it is not an
ample proof to state that the present Gita is interpolated. Quite obviously an interpolated text
version contains more number of verses. Here, 45 verses are said to have existed more. Thus, the
Gita text presented with 745 verses should be treated as interpolated and not the contemporary
Holy Gita of 700 verses by the logic of interpolation.
My dear Naseeruddin, Gita is not treated in our tradition as the Veda. But even then it is one of our
great Smritis and also laymen's Veda. Now think who are responsible for the great long existence of
Holy Gita-- Brahmins or Muslims? What help have we received from the Muslims to protect the Gita
in its pure nature?
What does Bhagavad Gita say about the Vedas (about which mulla Naseeruddin has no idea)? It says
that Rishis, Vedas And Brahma Sutras Teach This Knowledge:
Rishi-bhir bahu-dhaa geetam Chhando-bhir vividhaih prithak
Brahma Sutra padaishchai’va Hetu-mad-bhir vinish-chitaih (Gita - 13:4)
These two – Matter and Soul – have been described in distinctive ways by the Rishis, by the
numerous rhythmic verses of the Rig and other Vedas, and by the well-reasoned and conclusive
expressions of the Brahma Sutras (=vedic-studies).
This Knowledge is not forced upon us from some Higher Power or angel or Satan [satanic verses of
quran]. This Knowledge is in full accord with Reason – It is well thought out. It appeals to any
intelligent mind through the force of its appeal. Whose knowledge does Gita contain? Obviously the
knowledge of AUM contained in the VEDAS.
Shri Krishna says that this Knowledge has been in existence much before he gave it to Arjuna. This
Knowledge has existed since the beginning of human Creation when the first Rishis were inspired
with Vedic Knowledge by AUM. This Knowledge has been taught by Master to disciple since those
ancient times, and Shri Krishna, as part of this ancient Tradition, rejuvenated this Knowledge when
Arjuna [in a dilemma] needed it on the Battlefield of Kurukshetra. This verse contains the clearest
indication that whatever Shri Krishna has taught is in full accord with Veda.
Compare: ‘I have explained before that in this world, there are two Paths to Perfection’ – 3:3. Also,
‘in ancient times, I taught this imperishable Yoga Knowledge to Vivaswaan – 4:1
[array mullaji u or allah himself will not be able to cause the demise of this knowledge. Did u see the
following of Baba Ramdev? Is he a born Brahmin? Keep trying!].
Chhand=Rhythmic Verses of Vedas: Vedic verses, for the greater part, are composed in meters, and
so they are rhythmic when chanted. Principal Vedic meters include Gaayatri, Anushtup, Trishtup,
Jagati, Viraaj, Brihati, etc.
Brahma Sutras: These are aphorisms that talk of AUM and His WORD (the Vedas), Their Nature and
His relationships with the World and Souls. The well-known Vedaant Darshan and Poorva
Meemaansaa are examples of the Brahma Sutras.
Now let us check this topic: Who God Is And What Does He Do?
Pitaa'ham asya jagato Maataa dhaataa pitaa-mahah
Vedyam pavitram Omkaara Rik saama yajur eva cha (9:17)
I am Father, Mother, Supporter and Grandfather of this world. I am the Pure Object of Knowledge,
and My Name is Om. In carrying out the responsibilities attached to these roles, I reveal the Rig,
Yajur, Saama (contents of the 4 Vedas, in every cycle of creation, for the benefit of all souls).
[Compare with Bhagavad Gita: My Name is OM in all the four Vedas – 7:8.
At the time of death when he is ready to quit his body, the soul invoking God through the single
syllable OM, reaches the supreme goal of Mukti – 8:13.
Therefore, people who follow the Path of Veda always chant OM when they commence their pious
Acts of Sacrifice, Charity and Austerity, ordained by Veda – 17:24.
Compare also with the Veda: O Gracious Lord, You have been both Mother and Father to us. We
pray for that happiness which is uniquely yours –
Twam hi nah pitaa vaso, Twam maataa shata-krato babhoowitha. Adhaa te sum-nam eemahe – Rig
Veda 8:98:11.]
Mullaji, if u want to learn vedic dharma go to paropkarini sabha Ajmer, be a desciple to Vedic
Studies, the fastest growing faculty of thought and the oldest at once!
What is meant by Layman’s veda? Laymen’s Veda means the Divine Verbal Testimony which bears
all kinds of knowledge is simplified to common man. For such a process Sankrit offers a word
UpabrimhaNam (उपबह
ृं णम ् – इतिहासपरु ाणाभ्ाृं वेदृं समप
ृं ्ेददति). Gita is one such thing.
ु बह
But the arya samaj writes [like Acharya Vaidyanath Sastri] against the Gita!
Acharya Vaidyanath Sastri and others wanted to reject the prevailing notion of a Gita [that it is equal
to the veda] which goes against the supremacy of the Vedas. They rejected Gita so as to not to get
the Vedas being rejected by false impressions of a book-divine; either Gita or Koran.
Aatmaanandaji's Vedic Gita is a master work which provides the valuable notion that Gita actually
renders Vedic principles. Now look at Pt. Aryamuni's (a contemporary disciple of Maharshi
Dayanand) Gitaaryabhashya....he is not giving emphasis on the notion of Gita's corrupted form.
But Gita spreads casteism!
OHO! Where does it say that?
Tell me who prevailed over South Asian Islamic culture? What did u achieve in 1200 yrs? Islam failed
in India!
Further, is quran preserved in its pure form? Does quran have any pure form at all? Does it have any
pure teaching? Did a goat eat >200 verses?
Mulla N: Yashwant Mehta is doing Veda marketing! I object to this!
Yashwant : Mullaji both of us are doing marketing, u market Islam with its Incestual nikaah in the 2nd
generation and I, the infallible Vedas. I have an MBA for marketing and u is an IGNOU graduate. The
arya samaj considers Islam as a false religion. You and your Islam are powerless against Arya Samaj!
Aurangzeb died long ago! Further, ISI, Pakistan army, militants, etc could not get independence or
Pakistan for your Kashmir. Hence your chagrin is understandable. Stop being a cry baby.
Man Nasiruddin why do you cry. We have debunked some frivolous stories of your site. We will
debunk the rest too. Now if your donation box feels the impact of what we do, we can’t help it. Yes,
that Somil Tiwari [Hindu Brahmin] you made Ghulam Mohammed is known today as Arya Somil
TIwari! Somil has destroyed u and ur cohorts in Facebook many times. And don’t forget to introduce
me to any new Hindu Konvert to Islam!
The material was provided by Acharya Anandraj.