Download Chapter 10 Quest: Study Guide What does Islam mean in Arabic

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Chapter 10 Quest: Study Guide
What does Islam mean in Arabic?
Submitting to the will of God
What is the Shaira?
A system of law regulates the family life, moral conduct, and the business
and community life of Muslims?
What art form (writing) was created by blending Muslim culture?
What do Muslims believe about Muhammad?
He is the last of the great prophets
Describe the difference between the Sunni and the Shi’a
The Sunni and the Shi’a are two religious groups in Muslim society. The
Sunni are the majority of the population and believe that the best Muslim
male should rule. The Shi’a are the minority of the population and believe
that only a direct descendant of Muhammad (direct bloodline) should rule.
Describe the Five Pillars of Islam
The Five Pillars of Islam re the major duties required by all Muslims. The
first of the five pillars is prayer; you must pray five times a day facing
Mecca. Second is giving alms or charity to the poor. Third is you must fast
from sunrise to sunset during the holy month of Ramadan. Fourth you must
declare your faith or make the statement of faith. Finally you must try to
make the journey or pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in your life if you are
physically and financially able.
Why was the Hijrah important?
This is the turning point for Muhammad when he began to gain followers
What was the academic subject developed by al-Khwarizmi and originally called al-jabr
known by today?
Towards what city do Muslims pray?
Who did Muslims consider the people of the book?
Jews and Christians
Define the Sufi.
They are a group of people who live a life of poverty by choice and reject
life’s luxuries
Describe three similarities and three differences between Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
Christianity, Islam and Judaism are the three major world religions. All
three are monotheistic however they all refer to Him by different names.
The Christians and Jews refer to Him as Jesus. The Islamic refer to Him as
Allan. All three religions have a place of worship. The Christians worship in
the church. The Jews worship in the temple and the Islamic worship in a
mosque. Finally all three religions have a holy book. The Christians call their
book the Bible. The Jews call their book the Torah. The Islamic call their
book the Qur’an.
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