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Name: ___________________________________________________________ Date: _______________ Period: ______
Translation Tutorial
Directions: Open the PowerPoint titled “Translation Tutorial” and press the F5 button to start. Place your keyboard aside
(if possible) and only use the mouse.
1. What happens at the ribosome? _________________________________________________________________
Transcription Review
3. Where inside a cell does transcription take place? ___________________________________________________
4. What is the job of RNA polymerase? ______________________________________________________________
5. Which type of organic molecule is RNA polymerase? _________________________________________________
6. What attaches to the DNA once it has been separated? ______________________________________________
7. Where does mRNA travel after exiting the nucleus? _________________________________________________
Translation Process
8. What are three consecutive mRNA nucleotides called? _______________________________________________
9. How many codons are shown in the picture? _______________________________________________________
10. What is created from a series of amino acids? ______________________________________________________
The Genetic Code: When needed, use the chart below to answer various questions that follow.
AUG Codon
11. Which amino acid matches with the AUG codon? ___________________________________________________
12. What is unique about the AUG codon besides matching for Methionine? ________________________________
CCA Codon
13. Which amino acid matches with the CCA codon? ___________________________________________________
14. What do the STOP codons do? __________________________________________________________________
15. List the three STOP codons.
a. _________________
b. _________________
c. _________________
Transfer RNA
16. What is the role of tRNA? ______________________________________________________________________
17. Where can the tRNA and amino acids be found? ____________________________________________________
Watching the Process
18. Which organelle begins to read the mRNA? ________________________________________________________
19. AUG = which amino acid? ______________________________________________________________________
20. Who/what delivers the amino acids to the ribosome? ________________________________________________
21. CCA = which amino acid? ______________________________________________________________________
22. UAU = which amino acid? ______________________________________________________________________
23. GGC = which amino acid? ______________________________________________________________________
24. When finished, how many amino acids are most proteins? ____________________________________________
25. Finished proteins are exported from the cell by which organelle? ______________________________________
Final Review Questions
26. Review #1: Which process creates the mRNA that is read by the ribosome? ______________________________
27. Review #2: What does tRNA deliver to the ribosome? ________________________________________________
28. Review #3: Which molecule directly determines which amino acid transfer RNA delivers to the ribosome? _____
29. Review #4: Where does the process of translation take place? _________________________________________
30. Review #5: If the DNA code was TTC-AAT-GGC, perform transcription to determine the mRNA code.
31. Review #6: If the mRNA code is AAG-UUA-CCG, which three amino acids are going to be delivered to the
ribosome? __________________________________________________________________________________