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Alex Ormond Jr. Science Leadership Award
Dr. J. David Frost, Ph.D., P.E., P.Eng.
As a Professor of Civil Engineering at Georgia Tech’s School of Engineering here in
Savannah, Dr. Frost’s impact upon both high school and collegiate science students
is second to none. With not only his incredible teaching ability, but as well as the
funded research, his Engineering PhD candidates are able to work on programs like
the NSF-supported project using advanced digital technology to collect damage
assessment data in the vicinity of the World Trade Center (WTC). Utilizing PQUAKE,
a software application he developed, his team is able to record and analyze
earthquake induced structural damage and was also able to assess damage at the
World Trade Center. Other areas of research use computer-based imaging and visual
analysis techniques to study the characteristics and behavior of natural and manmade geomaterials under earthquake and other dynamic loading conditions. In 1994,
he received a National Science Foundation Young Investigator Award to support his
research in applying these techniques to understand the consequences of
At a higher impact level on our science community as Director of the Georgia Tech
Savannah Engineering Program, Dr. Frost has literally paved the way for the opening
of a regional engineering center which offers degrees in civil, computer, electrical
and mechanical engineering to students in the Coastal Empire. By taking lead on
getting not only the funding for this Engineering center, but the politcal backing
needed to seemingly move mountains for this endeavor, Dr. Frost has opened the
way for our region’s students to become the best and the brightest engineers for
generations to come.
Dr. Frost holds four degrees recieved in the sciences,
Ph.D., Civil Eng., Purdue University, Indiana, USA, 1989
M.S., Civil Eng., Purdue University, Indiana, USA, 1986
B.A.I., Civil Eng., Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, 1980, with honors
B.A., Mathematics, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, 1980
Each year, the Savannah Science Seminar Board of Directors recognizes community
leadership in the realms of science through the Alex Ormond Jr. Science
Leadership Award. This award is given to a business or educational leader in the
Coastal Empire community who has not only postively influenced and supported the
Savannah Science Seminar and it's stated goals, but has also aided in guiding and
directing scientific endeavors in our community. This year we would like to recognize
Dr. James David Frost, for his outstanding leadership in the engineering sciences, for
his tireless dedication to bringing one of the top five engineering education programs
in the country to our region, as well as for being a strong motivator to our science
community that strives to be second to none.
Dr. J. David Frost, Ph.D., P.E., P.Eng.
Professor of Engineering, Georgia Tech Savannah
Director, Georgia Tech Savannah, Engineering Program