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St. James School
third grade
 Saint project
 Bible - Old Testament/ New Testament/ Scripture Stories
 The Ten Commandments
 Emphasis on values and choices
 Prayers: Act of Contrition, Apostles Creed, Grace at meals
 Great Commandment
 Morality and Justice
 Creation Story
 Liturgical year/ seasons
 Project Essential Principles
 Life-skills
 Lifelong Guidelines
 Women of Faith
St. James School
third grade
Earth Science
 To recognize that the Earth rotates on its axis causing day and night
 To recognize that space exploration is important to the furthering of
 To characterize the relationships between the sun, moon and Earth
 To explore the Earth's atmosphere (air cycle, smog, global warming, ozone,
pollution and wind)
 To explore the Earth's hydrosphere (Water cycle, pollution, evaporation,
condensation, solid, liquid, gas, surface tension, transpiration, and
 To explore the Earth's lithosphere (soil, rocks, minerals, topsoil erosion,
limestone, soil conservation, compost and layers of the soil)
 To understand how the Earth holds its stored energy (layers, coal, oil,
renewable and non-renewable fuels)
Life Science
 To explore the biosphere (plants and animals
 To identify how different population densities affect seed growth
 To discover the interactions between living and non-living parts of the
 To recognize how overpopulation affects an organism
 To understand the relationships within a habitat
 To explore connections and balance in human habitats
 To develop a concept of how energy passes through a food chain
 To link organisms in a food web as producers, consumers, and
 To define organisms as herbivores, omnivores, carnivores, prey and
St. James School
third grade
Scientific Inquiry and Relevance
 To organize problem solving by the use of scientific methods
 To propose career opportunities in science
 To apply scientific techniques throughout the curriculum
Health and Human Body
To participate in an exercise program that compliments brain based learning
Parts of the Brain
Functions of the brain
To participate in good health and safety habits
St. James School
Study trips
third grade
 EarthWorks
 Theatre for Young America/ Coterie Theatre
 Water Treatment Plant
St. James School
Social studies
third grade
 Map skills: cardinal directions, scales, grids, road maps, United States
 Cultural and natural features -regional resources
 Communities: urban, rural, residential areas, and neighborhoods
 Goods and Services: assembly line, wants and needs, bartering,
 Kids voting on even years
 Multicultural heroes
 Liberty History
St. James School
third grade
 Place value to six digits
 Time to the minute
 Addition and subtraction of four digit numbers with and without
 Multiplication and division facts 0-12
 Fractions: equivalence, comparison
 Decimals to hundredths
Comparison and order of decimals
 Measurement (metric, customary)
 Perimeter and area of straight sided figures
 Congruent and symmetric figures
 Comparison of quantities -values to four digits
 Read and create bar graphs, pictographs, line graphs, circle graphs
St. James School
Language arts
third grade
Review of homophones, homographs, antonyms, synonyms
Identification of characters, setting, plot, problem, solution, main event
Use of dictionary and encyclopedia to find information
Main ideas and details
Cause and effect
Introduction of types of sentences
Expand the parts of speech (noun, verb, adj., pronoun)
Correct paragraph format
Reports, poems, summaries, letters with sensitivity to audience reaction
One grade level book report per quarter/ Genres: Biography, Fiction, NonFiction, Fantasy/Fairytale
Listing in Alphabetical order
Accelerated reader- individual goals met quarterly
Identification of compound words
Read age appropriate materials fluently
Follow directions written and verbal
Continuation of word development skills: communicating orally, applying
phonetic skills for decoding, using context clues to discover word meanings
Complete sentences with correct punctuation and capitalization
Prefixes, suffixes and contractions
Introduction of writing process
Sarah Plain and Tall
Chalkbox Kid
Ben & Me
The Story of Martin Luther King
Freckle Juice
Charlotte's Web
The Borrowers
Indian in the Cupboard
The Littles
Runaway Ralph
Little House on the Prairie
Chocolate Fever
The Mouse and the Motorcycle