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Vector Addition Practice Problems
Two forces are acting on an object stuck in the mud. One force is 65 N at 220 and the other is 80 N at
310. Find the resultant force and the equilibrant force.
A boat travels straight west at 20 m/s across a 250 m wide river. The river flows south at 6 m/s. Find
the resultant velocity of the boat, the time it takes to cross the river, and the distance the boat is pushed
Three people attempt to haul a heavy sign to the roof of a building by using three ropes attached to the
sign. Person A stands directly above the sign and pulls straight up on his rope. Person B and Person C
stand on either side of Person A. Their ropes form 30 angles with respect to Person A’s rope. A force
of 102 N is applied to each rope. What is the net upward force acting on the sign? What is the net
horizontal force acting on the sign?