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2013 7th Grade History Q4 Final
What happened because of the fall of Rome that caused the rise of feudalism?
For what is Charlemagne most remembered?
Define fief.
Define lord and vassal. What did these two groups exchange?
What determined social class in the Middle Ages?
What items were used as protection in Medieval Europe?
What was the main job of medieval women?
What were the three stages in becoming a knight?
Why did the Western Empire of Rome fall completely?
Define democracy.
What resulted from the introduction of civil service examinations in China?
What made up the Sumerian system of writing?
Define fables.
What was the Silk Road important to China?
Where is the Fertile Crescent?
What is the land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers called?
What did Greek city-states have in common?
How did geography influence early Greek communities?
Why did the Romand build roads between military settlements as Rome expanded
throughout Italy?
What happened because of Alexander the Great’s conquests?
How did mountains and rivers shape European culture?
What did Gupta mathematicians develop?
How do we see evidence of the Latin language in the English language?
2013 7th Grade History Q4 Final
Define dictator. What is the difference between Roman dictators, who would take power
during times of national emergencies, and dictators you see in the 21st Century?
What is the difference between absolute and relative location?
Define prehistory.
How did humans in the Paleolithic time period obtain food?
What change began the Neolithic Age?
How was ancient Greek democracy different from American democracy?
Define tyrant. How did Greek tyrants get their power?
Why was Hammurabi’s Code important?
What is the relationship between geography and the development of city-states?
Define plebeian. Why were they unhappy when the Roman Republic was first set up?
What is the difference between: scribe, consul, tribune, and senator?
Define republic. Why are both the Roman Republic and the U.S. considered republics.