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Neoplasms TCA 4 – Ticket
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Vicki Gordon, RN, MSN, CFNP
What are the differences in structure and function of a normal cell and a cancer cell?
What is the difference between benign and malignant tumors?
What is the most common side effect of Chemotherapy?
What does mutation in the BRCA genes mean?
What is removed in a Modified Radical Mastectomy?
What is removed in a Total Mastectomy?
What does pap smear determine?
Why and how is a colposcopy done?
What is cryotherapy?
What does LEEP stand for and what type of treatment does it use?
What is a Myomectomy?
What is uterine ablation? Why is it done?
What is a hysterectomy? What is a total hysterectomy? What is a radical hysterectomy?
What is brachytherapy?
What precautions apply to the nurse caring for a client with brachythepy?
What are S&S of Ovarian Cancer?
What is an oopherectomy?
At what ages does Testicular cancer most often occur?
What population of men has the highest death rate from prostate cancer?
What is the most common procedure for removal of the prostate?