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Department of Physics & Computer Science
Analog Electronics I Overview
Term: Winter 2017
Instructor: Dr. Maher Ahmed
Office: N2076B, Phone: x2826, research office 2417
Office Hours: by appointment.
Lab: Mr. Terry Sturtevant
Phone: 519-884-0710 ext.2049
Fax: 519-746-0677
Office Location: Science Building, N2092A
Course regulations
Course Outline
Part I DC Circuits (Review)
1- Quantities and Units
2- Voltage, Current, and Resistance
3- Ohm’s Law, Energy, and Power
4- Series Circuits
5- Parallel Circuits
6- Series Parallel Circuits, Thevenin’s Theorem, The Superposition Theorem
7- Magnetism and Electromagnetism
Part II AC Circuits
8- Introduction to Alternating Current and Voltage
9- Capacitors
10- RC Circuits
11- Inductors
12- RL Circuits
13- RLC Circuits and Resonance
14- Time Response of Reactive Circuits
15- Transformers
16- Diodes and Applications
17- Transistors and Applications
18- The Operational Amplifier
Lab 20%
4 Assignments 20%
4 mid exams 60%
No final exam
“Electronics Fundamentals Circuits, Devices, and Applications“ Floyd
7th, 8th or 9th Edition
Web site at:
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