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Chapter 6 Medieval Europe Study Guide
1. Describe what Europe was like after the Fall of Rome.
2. Angles and Saxons, Celts, Franks (location on map).
3. Charles Martel and the effect of the Battle of Tours.
4. What did Pepin do for the Pope?
5. Charlemagne and his many accomplishments (conquests, education, government, Christianity).
6. The role of the church and monasteries in medieval society (what did monks do?)
7. What does excommunicate mean?
8. The Concordat of Worms.
9. Describe feudalism and what the portions of land were called under this system.
10. Explain the role of serfs, vassals, fiefs, manors, lords, and kings.
11. What was the role of castles and what were some of their features/defenses (motte/bailey, keep, etc.)
12. Explain Knights and Chivalry.
13. What was the role of a guild, and the 3 stages to joining a guild (medieval guild packet).
14. Describe problems of medieval cities.
15. What did William the Conqueror do and what is his legacy?
16. What is the Bayeux Tapestry (in spiral) and the Domesday Book.
17. What is Common Law.
18. King John and the Magna Carta.
19. What is Habeas Corpus.
20. The Parliament is what type of government?
21. Describe the causes, events and effects of the First Crusade.
22. Describe the cause/events/effects (truce) of the Third Crusade
23. Relationship between Richard and Saladin.
24. What are the three lasting effects of the Crusades.
25. What was the influence and the role of the Catholic Church in medieval life.
26. What was the Inquisition and Heresy.
27. What are the causes and examples anti-Semitism in Europe.
28. Difference between Romanesque and Gothic Cathedrals.
29. What is Theology.
30. Thomas Aquinas and natural law.
31. What is the Vernacular.
32. The causes and effects of the Black Death.
33. The cause, major events, people, and effects of the Hundred Year's War.
34. Reconquista.
35. Ferdinand and Isabella.
36. The Alhambra Decree.
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