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Teacher: S. J. Cordell-Robinson
(Period 2)—
Adv. English
Period 4
2:45 P.M.
English 11
Period 3
12:40 P.M.
French I
Period 1
Week Beginning:
Monday/ 4-20
Today’s class will consist of
a major test on the two novels
recently assigned and
analyzed in either class.
Students are expected to
know the details of the novel
by the events that occurred
and the characterization of the
overall content.
For the advanced class, the
novel is THE SCARLET
LETTER (Hawthorne) and
for the average, The Narrative
of Fredericksburg (written by
Historically, students should
be able to make connections
to events of the particular
setting, as well as, to reach a
general conclusion about the
ending. They should also be
able to make application to
historical, as well as, present
events that were or could
have been affected by the
events of the novel. There
will also be essays on the test.
Today will be the introductory and assembling of
the vocabulary for the new
unit-#5; They will discuss
thoroughly the vocabulary,
the basic chapter that will
formulate French Day later
toward the end of the year.
This food chapter always
proves interesting, but
again they must learn the
gender markers before they
will be efficient at any work.
Appropriate exercises will
be assigned…
Classroom management
and expectations always
Vocabulary test for unit 9
will occur on today. Once
this has been completed,
students should update their
spread sheets for vocabulary
and spelling because all tests
have been corrected.
They should also do the
background for unit 10
whose flash cards will be due
on Friday.
The remainder of the
period, if any time is left,
will be devoted to setting up
the background for the
Romantic poets, i.e.,
Longfellow and the other
Fireside Poets. It is my
intentions that students will
work in small groups in order
to present these great poems
both interpretatively and
Students will be reminded of
the vocabulary flash and
spelling quiz which will be on
Upon completion of the
vocabulary exercises that
were assigned last evening,
we shall review all of the
vocabulary words, pronuncition, and any other clues to
assist them in learning
effectively their words.
I will give them the quiz
that will indicate their
knowledge and application of
food terms on this chapter’s
vocabulary on tomorrow.
This will ensure a great
beginning to the chapter…
Apr. 20-Apr 24, 2015
Term 2
Today’s work will be a review
of the Romantic Periods and
the designated writers of that
period. See literature text and
Romantic Writers.
We shall first review
Washington Irving’s life and
then go over the questions for
“The Devil and Tom Walker”
which establishes the primer for
stable American literature.
Once we complete Irving, we
shall prepare to move on to the
Poets, beginning with William
Cullen Bryant and his masterpiece, “ Thanatopsis” and
matters of life, especially as it
relates to death. We shall also
look at the works of the Fireside poets (Longfellow and
others) and move on to Emerson and Thoreau. Students will
read all of these selections,
answer specific questions, and
prepare to do group interpretations/displays. The groups will
begin work tomorrow.
Today’s work will continue
after the vocabulary quiz to
thoroughly cover the verb
“aller” and “aller” plus the
infinitive. Again, I will
emphasize the importance of
practice, even when it seems
they are doing an abundance of
exercises because this, will
again, ensure their success at
learning the formulation of
French rules and regulations.
The knowledge of the vocabulary is critical to all work.
Week Beginning: Apr. 20-Apr 24, ‘15
Teacher: S. J. Cordell-Robinson
French I
Interims will be distributed
next Friday. It seems as if we
have just received report
cards. The progress is
Today, I will be excited to see
the displays that the students
have evolved for the
creative/interpretative analysis
of Hawthorne’s SCARLET
LETTER. Once they have
presented their product for each
of the assigned chapter, Katie
Zalegowski will lead the display
team for classroom presentation.
Please check back to my classroom to see the results. I am
hopeful that both the observer
and the teacher will be quite
pleased. They students will also
receive their third major work
for the term which will be
Steinbeck’s OF MICE AND
MEN. After the proper introduction of this great work, I
shall have the students begin
reading at home, but they will
continue the work for the small
group projects in class. Their
task will be to design and explain the designated Romantic
poet’s work and prepare by Mon
The work on the “aller” verbs
will be thoroughly gone over
and the students will then test to
see if they can conjugate the
verb through contextual cluing
as well as in regular formatting.
They are also expected to be
able to justify the future as a
usage of “aller” and the infinitive of another verb. Next, we all
analyze the use of the preposition “de” (from, about, of)
and à (to, at, in) as contractions.
Text for Adv. English 11
and English 11:
Holt McDougal Literature:
American Literature
Today’s work will consist of the
assessment of vocabulary unit #10
and review for Tuesday’s testing.
We shall also take spelling quiz
#11 which will place us at the 220th
word for the term. Clearly, this is
appropriate as 11th graders are in
the throes of preparation for the
essays that come with college apps
their senior year. Students will
also be permitted to continue the
latter Romantic writers to include
Hawthorne and Edgar Allan Poe.
See literary text. We hope to close
out this unit of work and continue
on to realism. In addition to the
listed work today, I shall begin
a literary exercise to assist with the
analysis of author’s passages in
prep for the imminent SOL
Reading test. This work is found
on pp. 498-509 and assesses their
readiness not only for the work
found in this unit but for basic
skills as they appear in any
standardized testing such as the
SOL, SAT, ACT, etc.
The students will take their
quiz if prepared on the verb
“aller.” They will also be
introduced to the culture of
chapter 5 which will focus on the
visiting of various restaurants
throughout the French-speaking
world. Finally, they will be
ready to begin the review of this
most interesting chapter in order
to prep for the chapter test. I am
pleased with their progress in
SOL’S are as follows:
 11.4a Describing
contributions of
different cultures to
the development of
Am. literature
 11.4b historical
context of the dev.
 11.4d Analyzing
 11.5a Using info to
clarify concepts
 11.3 (all) vocab
Tous les standards
(SOLs) sont
couverts dans les
Text for French I:
Glencoe Bon Voyage 1,
Workbook for the above
WIDA Standard 2: The
Language of Lang. Arts SOL
11.3 vocab development
The WIDA component will
focus on enhanced “literary
genres”/SOL vocabulary to
emphasize language skills
for literal and figurative
meanings in everyday
communication and in
assigned reading.