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Adjective /noun collocations
small achievement
prompt action
sound advice
well-intentioned advice
considerable amount
huge amount
large amount
small amount
brief answer
full answer
lengthy apologies
sincere apologies
insatiable appetite for sth
obtuse approach to sth
firm arrangements
innate athletic talent
brazen attempt at sth
intrepid attitude
truculent attitude
main attraction
principal attraction
sheltered background
fractious behaviour
inept behaviour
gripping book
remarkable book
potential boss
serious burns
serious case
little chance of sth
great change
indolent children
extensive choice
huge choice
wide choice of
inveterate cider drinker
rare claim
excellent command of sth
incisive comment
fierce competition
stiff competition
strong competition
unfair competition
excellent competitors
attractive conditions
harsh conditions
direct consequence of sth
disastrous consequences
enormous consequences for sth
inevitable consequences
serious consequences
tragic consequences
huge contrast
stark contrast
high costs
low costs
unnecessary costs
busy day
hectic day
clear daylight
pristine daylight
good deal of
great deal of
hasty decisions
incautious decisions
rash decisions
lewd demeanour
lustful demeanour
wanton demeanour
detailed descriptions of
lurid description of
vivid descriptions of
a world of difference
big difference
crucial difference
dramatic difference
enormous difference
essential difference
fundamental difference
huge difference
important difference
little difference
major difference
marked difference
minor difference
no difference
salient differences between
significant difference
slight difference
small difference
subtle difference
bitter disappointment
dynamic discussion
interesting discussion
haughty dismissal
unfair dismissal
deep dissatisfaction
vast distance
profound effect
special effects
strong effect
subtle effect
big effort
concerted effort
conscious effort
considerable effort
deliberate effort
desperate effort
determined effort
great effort
joint effort
mental effort
physical effort
supreme effort
special effort
sustained effort
team effort
tremendous effort
scientific evidence
amazing experience
bad experience
considerable experience
extensive experience
first-hand experience
good experience
great experience
little experience
past experience
personal experience
practical experience
previous experience
tremendous experience
unforgettable experience
valuable experience
vast experience
tough explanation
increased exposure
major factor
annoying habit
meticulous handiwork
bad headache
splitting headache
great help
invaluable help
gratuitous helping
long hours
monotonous household chores
clear idea
deep-rooted ideas
fixed idea
simple idea
environmental impact on sth
huge impact
major impact
powerful impact
profound impact
significant impact
considerable importance
great importance
huge importance
tremendous importance
false impression
big improvement
marked improvement
noticeable improvement
big increase
considerable increase
huge increase
booming industry
profound influence
valuable influence on sth
creative instinct
genuine interaction
genuine interest
real interest
professional interest
brilliant interpretation
particular interpretation
wooden interpretation
venerable judge
background knowledge
detailed knowledge
expert knowledge
extensive knowledge
first-hand knowledge
great knowledge
in-depth knowledge
inside knowledge
technical knowledge
thorough knowledge
vast knowledge
working knowledge
infectious laughter
furtive look
quick look
star-crossed lovers
brusque manner
huge market
logical mind
awful misunderstanding
big misunderstanding
loud moaning
vociferous moaning
loud noise
terrible noise
tremendous noise
fair number of …
huge number of
large number of
limited number of
small number of
detailed observations
big opportunities
golden opportunity
good opportunities
great opportunities
ideal opportunity
perfect opportunity
rare opportunity
wasted opportunity
wonderful opportunities
negative outlook
positive outlook
dizzy blonde
at a dizzy pace
dizzy passion
real passion for sth
endless patience
a high percentage of
a large percentage of
a significant percentage of
a small percentage of
brilliant performance
disappointing performance
impressive performance
live performance
magnificent performance
poor performance
riveting performance
superb performance
corrupt politicians
widespread popularity
considerable pressure
constant pressure
diplomatic pressure
high/low pressure
intense pressure
peer pressure
political pressure
public pressure
strong pressure
fierce pride
huge pride
a colourful private life
complex problems
practical problems
amazing progress
considerable progress
good progress
great progress
huge progress
noticeable progress
rapid progress
satisfactory progress
slow progress
tremendous progress
ambitious project
daunting prospect
intended purchase
incisive questions
probing questions
amazing range
endless range
huge range
wide range
word-of-mouth recommendations
a full refund
a partial refund
long-lost relatives
chance remark
disparaging remark
rude remark
sarcastic remark
throwaway remark
excellent reputation
unrivalled reputation
abundant resources
sufficient resources
enthusiastic response to sth
big responsibility
huge responsibility
overall responsibility
personal responsibility
sole responsibility
fierce rivalry
huge role
a hopeless romantic
expert skills
practical skills
specialist skills
big smile
bright smile
broad smile
faint smile
friendly smile
huge smile
knowing smile
quick smile
slow smile
warm smile
wide smile
confined space
eloquent speech
puzzled stare
great success
huge success
abundant supply
adequate supply
endless supply
essential supply
plentiful supply
vital supply
active support
enthusiastic support
full support
popular support
public support
strong support
whole-hearted support
daunting task
invaluable tool
heavy traffic
terrible traffic
tremendous traffic
excellent use
of great value
of tremendous value
amazing variety
considerable variety
endless variety
enormous variety
great variety
huge variety
tremendous variety
wide variety
strict vegetarian
distorted version of sth
mindless violence
clear voice
high-pitched voice
low voice
powerful voice
shaky voice
fierce winds
strong winds
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