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By:Ulysees Wingo Jr.
What is MSUD?
Maple syrup urine is a disease were your body
cannot breakdown amino acids leucine, isoleucine,
and valine. In the most severe form, MSUD it can
damage the brain during times of physical stress
(such as infections, fever, or not eating for a long
very time). In repeated periods of physical stress
can cause intellectual disability and high levels of
leucine in the body.
Symptoms of maple syrup urine
Avoiding food
Feeding difficulties
Urine that smells like maple syrup
How do you get MSUD?
MSUD is a gene defect in chromosome 19. Since
your body cannot breakdown amino acids it builds
up in your blood and can cause damage to the
brain in times of physical stress.
Level of deadliness
This disease is a level 2 because if your body
cannot somehow breakdown those acids it can even
cause death in some cases.
Facts about MSUD
Infants with MSUD that remain untreated will die
within the first few months of their lives.
The long-term treatment of MSUD requires a unique
diet that includes artificial infant formula containing
low-levels of amino acids such as isoleucine, leucine,
and valine.
When the condition is diagnosed, and during
episodes, treatment involves eating a protein-free
diet. Fluids, sugars, and possibly fats are given
through a vein (IV).
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