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Ten Keys to Successful Weight Loss and Fitness
1. Commitment
Commitment is nothing more than a promise to yourself that your health is an important
priority in your life. When you eat healthy foods, exercise, get your sleep, and have
energy, you can enjoy your life and have more options. When you are healthy and fit,
life is more fun and you have no limitations on what you can do. Commitment means
recognizing this and keeping your promise to yourself. For some, getting their weight
under control can eliminate or greatly reduce serious health problems.
2. Keep It Simple
Too often, “dieters” try to make radical lifestyle changes, feel hungry a lot of the time,
and cheat with high fat and sugar content snacks or other comfort food. Successful
weight loss is mostly making consistent, new and good choices about food intake.
Herbalife’s ShapeWorks program (Get it now at works
because it’s simple as 3-2-1!! [3] Taking nutritional supplements three times a day
increases your energy and metabolism (you will burn fat for energy). [2] Taking two
Shapeworks soy protein shakes per day as a meal replacement keeps you
nutritionally on track while keeping you feeling full. [1] Eating one “colorful” meal a day
is a simple way of remembering to eat sufficient fruits and vegetables that increase your
fiber intake and consuming less bread and pasta carbohydrates. You can consume a
greater volume of these good carbohydrates that in turn make you feel fuller and
3. Journal Your Progress
“If you don’t where you’re going, any road will get you there!!” When you exercise and
eat properly, you begin losing inches faster than you lose pounds. It is important to
chart your loss of inches in key areas (neck, bust/chest, arm, hips, abdomen,waist,
thigh, calf). It helps you mentally when you can directly correlate your good new
choices with loss of fat and gaining muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, but is also
leaner in appearance. Your sound nutritional program and sensible exercise program
will burn the fat and feed the muscle. Keeping track of what you are doing provides
good reinforcement that you are on the right road to successful weight loss and fitness.
4. Burn More Calories
It is a pretty simple formula—to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you
consume. When you exercise, your body will turn to stores of fat for energy and
increasing your protein intake feeds your muscles with their building blocks. Just getting
out for a long walk with your spouse, pets, kids, or grandkids will make a big difference.
Start with short distances and gradually increase the length and/or speed. Riding a bike
(stationary or mobile) or walking/jogging on a treadmill are other low impact (easy on
your body) options for burning more calories. (main site) (nutrition store)
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5. Make It Fun
Whatever type of exercise program you design for yourself, you need to make it
something that you will honestly look forward to doing. Be realistic about your current
capabilities and don’t undertake some new activity or sport unless you are in shape for it
and really want to pursue it.
6. Water, Water, Water
This is probably the single greatest key for steady, consistent, weight loss and size
reduction. Water transports waste and fatty tissue from your body. Most people do not
realize that muscle cells are largely water in content nor that they are probably
dehydrated most of the time. Your goal should be to consume one-half your body
weight in ounces of water—every single day. Yes, initially you will make more trips to
the bathroom, but eventually when your body becomes well-hydrated the trips will
become less frequent.
7. Heart & Lung Healthy
Most people’s risks for serious disease are heart-related. Getting “cardio” (for
cardiovascular system) exercise is very important to maintaining the health of your heart
& lungs. Walking, running, cycling, etc. are all forms of cardio exercise where you
increase the rate of your heartbeat and intake of oxygen. This stressing of the
cardiovascular system in turn makes it stronger.
8. Strong Muscles & Bones
Men generally have more muscle than women do and women lose it faster over time
than men— ½ pound a year after age 35 and by age 50 almost one pound a year.
More and stronger muscles give your body better shape, posture and tone, but they
also can generate more weight loss because muscles burn more calories than fat.
Weight or resistance training will greatly increase your strength without “bulking” you up.
It will also increase your bone density that is critical for women who tend to lose
significant amounts as they age.
9. Diet & Nutrition
Probably the single best way to “eat healthy” is eat salads with lots of fresh vegetables
and strips of meat, fish, chicken or pork. Go easy on the dressing—use low or non-fat
prepared dressings, olive oil or lemon juice. Sprinkling “crunchies” such as almonds
and other toppings also make it tastier and more satisfying. Eating nuts, veggies, and
fruit for snacks is more filling and healthier. Most important—don’t go hungry!! You
should have some food intake every 3 hours or so to keep your metabolism (fat burning)
going and keep from over eating from excessive hunger. Herbalife Total Control is
specifically designed to increase your metabolism and reduce hunger pangs; and their
Herbal Concentrate contains beneficial herbs and green tea which has been shown
in independent studies to increase metabolism for weight loss. (Get it now at (main site) (nutrition store)
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10. Nutritional Supplements
The reality is that most of us never get a sufficient amount of nutrition from the foods we
eat. By supplying your cells with the proper balance of nutrients, your cells become
more receptive, allowing them to efficiently absorb and process nutrients. Cellular
Nutrition is the scientific foundation of every product that Herbalife offers on the advice
of the renowned physicians and award-winning scientists on their Scientific and Medical
Advisory Boards. This is why Herbalife is the leader in the weight-loss and nutrition
industry for the past 25 years and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange; and why
we are proud to be independent distributors. (Get it now at
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