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“The Pit and the Pendulum”
By Edgar Allan Poe
This story is filled with a plethora of scary vocabulary words. Most of the words have been defined within
the text, but take a special look at the words below. These words are likely to appear in places other
than just Poe’s short stories.
Directions: Write a brief definition next to each vocabulary word. Use a dictionary or a thesaurus to
help you!
1. Swoon2. Condemn3. Vacancy4. Circuit5. Staggered6. Toil7. Crimson8. Ceaselessly9. Chasm10. Entrapment-
"The Pit and the Pendulum" Vocabulary
1. deep opening or crack
3. to state someone is guilty of a crime
4. a state of emptiness
8. trick or deception
10. hard work
2. to faint
5. going around
6. never stopping
7. to have walked around with difficulty
9. a deep red color
10 of 10 words were placed into the puzzle.
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