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According to the encyclopedia, we know that the art is a diversified
human activity and the products of this activity, which includes
numerous types and styles. And it also takes a long time and much
energy to initiate a new one or create a fantastic artwork. So some
people advise the government to patronize those artists. However, still
other people hold opposite views. Personally, I don’t think it is a great
idea that the government provides financial help to artists.
Gaining founding from government will not bring spring to art. Because
there is no absolute causal relationship between financial support and
art creation. Actually it is the individual talent and creation environment
that contribute to the prosperity of art. On the one hand, creation
environment provide a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, so that
Various artists can communicate with each other freely. No matter how
old or new the creation style it is, all of these brilliant ideas are treated
equally. Some artists gain the ideas or new technique skill from different
style or fields like physics and become an authority in artist with much
fame and wealth. On the other hand,
individual talent plays an
consequential role in art creation. The genius composer , Mozart ,
famous for the beauty and strength of his music, when he was very
young. Compared with juvenile success of Mozart, Vincent van Gogh
stepped into a different way. Though he was treated as the greatest
Dutch painter after Rembrandt. Initially, van Gogh worked only with
Neo-Impressionism in Paris and his artwork style changed. Actually not
all of us could thoroughly figure out the true meaning of his artworks. He
belongs to gold, but we are mortals. If this consideration is true, finical
support only has a little effect on artists.
As economy develop, support, if needed, can be provided by some
private groups rather than government. If government wants to put
more money on developing art, the annual budget should be passed by
the congress. But it is not an easy task. Actually each of founds is
carefully gained from taxpayers and returned via public infrastructure or
other performs. So taxpayers would doubt whether it is suitable to give
their money to support these artists who even write music beyond their
understanding. And they also take some artists weird temper into
account. So government has to overcome much difficulty to achieve such
goal. But if private groups provide help actively to those people, the
problem would be easily solved. After all, various private groups are only
responsible for one ore two artists, and they have the privilege to choose
which one as guests according to their favor.
Nevertheless, the support from government also owns some beneficial
effect. At least the artists, who get the help, are accepted officially. And
they not only enjoy the founding but also own so much reputation. But
there is danger hidden behind success. Because some artists would
become mouthpiece for some interest parties and they perhaps ignore
the principals of art. If such situation becomes popular and none dares to
resist, there is no tomorrow for art and the word just appears on the
history books.
题目要审清再写。题目中有两个很重要的点都没有体现在作文中,第一点 arts can
flourish and be available to all people. 文中只说明了经济援助不能促进 art 繁荣,
但是另一点 available to all people 没有体现。第二点小字要求要讲到双方的观点,
但是我没看到反对方的观点 threatens the integrity of the arts.