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Age of Jackson Storyboards
Mrs. Ziemnik
The following information is what you will need to understand from the storyboards. Take careful
notes, as this information will be present on the test. Analyze the drastic changes the US experienced
from 1820-1850, and understand how a truly American character developed during this time, albeit a
divided and sometimes tense one!
Where were major immigrant groups coming from? Where were they settling, and why?
What are the major “push” and “pull” factors bringing people to the United States?
Understand the factory system, its dangers, and its benefits.
How did workers attempt to organize themselves? What leaders were involved?
Why don’t we see a massive movement of violent unionization in this period of American
Utopian Societies…
Give at least 2 examples of socialist “experiments,” leaders, and their failures.
How were groups like the Mormons and Shakers marginalized by society?
Understand the effects of the leaders presented on the storyboard.
Explain the progression of the land gains from 1819-1850. List and analyze each.
How did these land gains lead to sectional tension? Explain, using major compromises in your
What were the results of the Mexican-American War, and how did it lead to an increase in
sectional tension?
Literature and Art…
Explain the significance of the Hudson River School, Transcendentalism, Romanticism, and the
impact of the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution upon American writing and art.
Know why the following people are so significant: Poe, Hawthorne, Melville, Whitman, Emerson,
Thoreau, Cooper, Cole, Stuart.
How were these works of art truly AMERICAN, and not an imitation of European art or writing?
What were major forms of entertainment for this period?
Social Reformers….
Know why the following people are so significant: Galludet, Mann, Dix, Finney, Garrison,
Stanton, Mott, Douglass
Analyze the successes and failures of the Temperance movement. Use the Maine Law and the
Washingtonians in your explanation.
How did these reformers affect: public schools? Prisons? Civil rights (for both African Americans
and women)? Where did they succeed, and where did they fall short?
Scientific, Technological, and Medical Advances?
Analyze the effects of the various machines, developments, and discoveries that changed the
lives of Americans. List the development and its effect upon American life.
Give examples of the new scientific developments presented here.
Analyze the effects of new modes of transportation upon the development of trade, the
economy, the west, and urbanization. Use the following in your explanation
o Canals
o Steamboats
o Railroads
o The postal system
How did these developments both link the nation AND lead to an increase in sectional tension?