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Skeletal System Anticipation Guide
Find the statements below in your book (p. 472- 475). If the statement is false then change the
underlined words to make the statement true. If it is true leave it as is. Then write the page
number and paragraph that you found the answer on.
1. Most bones start off as soft tissue known as compact bone.
2. Tendons are tough connective tissues that connect bone to bone.
3. Age and poor eating habits can lead to osteoporosis, a bone disease in which
the bones become brittle and porous making them break easily.
4. Bone is dead tissue; it is an organ that lacks blood vessels.
5. There are two types of marrow in bone. Red marrow produces red and white
blood cells and yellow marrow stores fat.
6. A place in the body where two bones meet is a joint.
7. A hinge joint allows more movement than a ball and socket joint.
8. Osteoporosis is when the joints in the hands and other parts of the
body swell and stiffen and is usually accompanied by pain.
9. An example of a hinge joint is the knee and elbow.
10. Functions of the skeletal system are protection, support, production of
blood cells, and storage of minerals.
11. Tendons are tough connective tissues that connect muscle to bone.
12. Many of the joints in the skull are semi-movable; allowing limited
13. A bone that has been forced out of its joints is called a fracture.
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