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Predicate Nominatives
Date: ____________________________
Essential Question: What is a predicate nominative?
Questions/Main Ideas:
Predicate Nominatives
A word or word group in the predicate that identifies the
A predicate nominative appears only in a sentences that
has a linking verb. Common linking verbs include is,
was, will be, could have been, and has been.
The first performers on stage will be the band.
[The noun band identifies the subject performers]
Could the singer have been she?
[The pronoun she identifies the subject singer]
Underline the predicate
nominative in the
following sentences
1. The skyscraper will be our landmark
2. Has George always been an expert on math?
3. Isn’t Ben Hur your favorite movie?
4. Luisa is vice-president of the student council.
5. Will Teresa be the club’s next president?
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