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Chapter Three Work Sheet B: Government and Law Making – Pages 62-64
Federal and Provincial governments are made up of 3 separate branches
 E___________________
 L___________________
 J___________________
Judicial powers are divided between 2 levels of government –
 F____________________
 P____________________
Executive Branch
Administrative Branch of government responsible for _________________________________________
It includes: ____________________________________________________________________________
Members of the Cabinet are _____________________________________________________________
Cabinet members are appointed to certain PORTFOLIO positions such as minister of Health, Transportation,
Environment, ____________________________________________________________
The MP appointed to the Minister of Justice is responsible for
Cabinet positions are also known as the ADMINISTRATIVE BRANCH which _________________________
Executive Branch also exists at the provincial level. It includes the Premier who appoints the elected
members of the known as Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) to the cabinet who are then
appointed to cabinet positions (i.e. Minister of Education...)
Legislative Branch
At the Federal level, the legislative branch AKA Parliament consists of ____________________________
The legislative branch actually passes ______________________________________________________
A senator is appointed by the Governor General on the advice of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.
The Senate has the power to _____________________________________________________________
At the provincial level, parliament is called __________________________________________________
The provincial legislatures act similar to the Federal Parliament
Judicial Branch
The judiciary is part of the government but independent of the other 2 branches
Made up of ___________________________________________________________________________
The appointment of Judges are based on merit not political party affiliation
Supreme Court of Canada = ______________________________________
Three other levels of provincial court = __________________________________________________,
_______________________________________ (for serious offences), and
_______________________________________________ (for less serious offences).
Justices of the higher courts are appointed by _______________________________________________
Trial court judges for lower courts are ______________________________________________________
Justices must interpret all law referenced to the ______________________________________________
_________________________ __________ _______________________ __________________________