Social Movements
corporate restructuring, corporate restructuring, valuations and
Whose Music Is It Anyway?: How We Came To
School Desegregation, Law and Order, and Litigating Social Justice
Volume 21, 2013
the enforcement of intellectual property rights: a case book
Brooklyn Law Review - Brooklyn Law School
Trade in the Roman Empire: A Study of the Institutional Framework
The Birth of Biopolitics
end-of-life law and assisted dying in the 21 century: time for cautious
Canadian Public Policy and the Social Economy
Strengthening North Pacific Cooperation
Read the Productivity Commission`s draft report into gambling
London Court of Arbitration
Guide to the copyright and related rights treaties
α tribute to fifty years of the european court of human rights
seeking justice in transitional societies: an analysis of the problems
National Development Plan 2030: Our future
Kesavananda Bharati v. State of Kerala
Economic and Legal Effectiveness of Anti
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