But I must say what I feel and think in some way!
Book Review: The SAGE Handbook of Digital Technology Research
Book review on Understanding Youth and Crime
Big Data: Introduction The catchword Big Data refers to (the more
Big Data Approaches to Study Discourse Processes
big brands, big impact - Business for Social Responsibility
BASIC CONCEPTS in the methodology of the social sciences
Chapter 007 - Ethics & Social Responsibility of Business
Ch.8 Web 2.0 and Social Media
A Note on the Condorcet Jury Theorem with Supermajority Voting
A critique of feminism - Sci-Hub
A Critical View on
A common mechanism underlying economic decision
2015 URJ Biennial Re..
Clark Zahar - Critical Junctures
Chapter 9
Chapter 8: How Individuals Relate to the State
Chapter 6
CHAPTER 2: AN UNEQUAL WORLD - Indus Valley School of Art
1 Introduction to Special Issue on “Disaggregating Civil War” Lars