1. Organism: ‚Äč1 individual living thing 2. Species
1. 1. Draw a subduction zone in which an oceanic plate collides with
- Earth Science – MacMillan, 1986 – Organization
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Activity: A Plate Tectonic Puzzle - American Museum of Natural History
Boundary type Movement Types of crust involved Sea floor created
Worksheet Chapter 3.3
Unit 6 Earth Science Water Vocabulary
Session 3 Powerpoint
Section: Deforming the Earth`s Crust
Section 4 Deforming the Earth`s Crust
Seafloor spreading and plate tectonics are major concepts in geology
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Rock cycle - Russell County Moodle
Tectonic Plates Quiz
Tectonic Forces, Rock Structure, and Landforms
The Earth is Moving Big Book
tectonic plate boundaries
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