2016 SMS Under Counter Refrigeration Catalog
20130123 PER Presentation
A Portable 2-Transistor Picowatt Temperature
A Novel Approach of Position Estimation, Fuzzy based PFC
A New N-Way Power Divider/Combiner Suitable for High
A minimalistic hi-efficiently regulated DC/DC Step
A Method of Accurately Measuring Shielding
A Method and Electronic Device to Detect the
A low-voltage three-phase AC generator built from
A low-inductance, long-life, triggered spark gap
A Fully Integrated BiCMOS PLL for 60GHz Wireless
A Dual System Capture Biometric Fingerprint Scanner.
A Distributed Static Series Compensator System for
A Custom built UHF to VHF downconverter
A CMOS Square-Rooting Circuit
A CMOS 33-mW 100-MHz 80-dB SFDR Sample-and-Hold Amplifier PAPER Cheng-Chung HSU
a CMOS 3 V/5 V, Wide Bandwidth Quad 2:1 Mux ADG774
990 Vibration Transmitter Datasheet
92 % typical efficiency • Input voltage range: 240 – 430
8 Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter
7SD52-53 - Siemens