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Professor of Linguistics and Communication Skills Department of Linguistics and
Literature & Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences (CEES)
0 Prof. Okoth Okombo has a dual distinction as a distinguished scholar in the area of
Sign Language Research and Development, and the field of Nilotic Language Studies.
. He is gel}'erally regarded as the founder of the scientific study of sign language in
Africa, aridy.ridely acclaimed as one of the leading scholars in sign language studies
in the wo[ld. In Kenya, Prof. Okoth Okombo is the founder and director of the
,. Kenyan Sign Language Research Project, based at the University of Nairobi. The
project has led to various scientific publications on the structure, vocabulary, and
sociological properties of the language of deaf Kenyans.
The project has
consequently given tremendous recognition to the Deaf as a language community in
Kenya, leading to the use of Kenyan Sign Language (KSL) in schools, the electronic
media, cOUli proceedings, hospitals, church services, and many other domains of life
. here deaf Kenyans are involved.
Prof. Okoth Okombo has been involved in establishing similar projects and research
activities in other African countries, including Uganda, Tanzania, Swaziland, and South
Africa. In all these places, his work and ideas have opened up new opportunities in life
for deaf people, and created new career paths for hearing people, who are increasingly
being trained and employed as sign language interpreters.
Prof. Okoth Okombo's achievements in the field of sign language research and
development have been recognized by the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD), which
elected him International President of the WFD Sign Language Scientific Commission
for the period 1992 --1995.
.. ./2
DUNCAN OKOI'll OKOMUO. l'Il.D (Nairobi)
0 In the field of Nilotic Studies, Prof. Okoth Okombo has made significant contributions
in research and publications, especially on Dholuo - the Nilotic
language of the Luo community of Kenya and Tanzania. Alongside the study of
Dholuo, Prof. Okoth Okombo has played a key role in the research which has given
local and international recognition to the hitherto little known Suba language of the
Western Kenya Bantu group oflanguages. As a result of his collaborative work with
the renowned Nilotic scholar, Professor Franz Rottland of Germany (now retired), the
Suba language is now heard on radio broadcasts, and has literacy materials both in the
bible and school texts.
0 Apart from his two major areas of focus as outlined above, Prof. Okoth Okombo has
concurrently been a prime mover in the African efforts to pay attention to indigenous
African languages in the area of language policy. In 1994/95 he led a high calibre
African team of language scholars in the evaluation of the place of African languages
in language-of-instruction policies in Africa. Between 1995 and 1998, he served as a
Unesco/Government of Kenya expert in language policy deliberations that took place
in Accra, Harare, and Cape Town, leading to some of the current fundamental
guidelines on language policy in Africa. In the year 2000, he was invited to join the
team of international experts assisting in the formulation of a national language policy
for Malawi.
0 Currently, Prof. Okoth Okombo is a member of a number of local and international
scholarly organizations, including the Amsterdam-based Functional Grammar
Foundation, the Kenya National Academy of Sciences, the World Congress of
African Linguistics (of which he is a member of the Executive Committee), and the
World Federation of the Deaf (of which he is the Sign Language Regional Expert for
0 In spite of this busy menu oflocal and international activities, Prof. Okoth Okombo is a
highly dedicated and gifted teacher of linguistics and communication skills, as well as
an effective institutional administrator. After 11 years of serving as the founder
Chairman of the Department of Linguistics and Literature (CEES), he was in April
2000 elected Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, his current administrative
position. In both his teaching and administrative responsibilities, he is well served by
his extraordinary practical competence in written and oral communication.
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-'---' -._-- ----.-.----...
-' -------'" -- --------------------------------------- -. ..... -- -----..............
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D. Okoth Okombo, CV 2000/200]
Curriculum Vitae Flash
Summary of University Career Profile
Cover page
... ..................
.. .. .. .. ..
.. .. .. .. ..
Summary of University Career Profile (UON)
OCTOBER 1979 (l st appointment) Tutorial Fellow
Linguistics & African Languages
JULY 1984 (On promotion)
Linguistics & African Languages
JULY 1988 (On promotion)
Senior Lecturer
Linguistics & African Languages
OCTOBER 1988 (On transfer)
Senior Lecturer
Linguistics & Literature (CEES)
OCTOBER 1992 (On promotion) Associate Professor
Linguistics & Literature (CEES)
JANUARY 1999 (On promotion) Professor (Linguistics &
Communication Skills)
Linguistics & Literature
Date of Birth. . . ... . . . .. . . . . . . . .
Place of Birth... . . . . .. ... . .. . . ..
Nationality.......................... .
Marital Status... ... ... ... ... .. .
Highest academic qualification. . .
D. Okoth Okombo, ev 200012001
D. Okoth Okombo
November 8, 1950
Rusinga Island, Kenya
Married, with 3 children
Ph.D (Linguistics
Current Teaching Position ................ Professor of Linguistics &Communication skills,
Department of Linguistics & Literature, University
of Nairobi (Kikuyu Campus)
Current Administrative Position ....... Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences,
College of Education and External Studies,
University of Nairobi
1981-86. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
1977 -79... . .. . .. ... ... .. . . .. .. . . . . . ..
1974-77... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
1971-1974. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
1967- 70... ... ........... """""'"
1959 - 66...........................
Nairobi University: Ph.D Linguistics & African Languages (Awarded 1987)
Nairobi University: M.A Linguistics & African languages (Awarded 1979)
Nairobi University B.A Linguistics (Awarded 1977First Class Honours)
Kenyatta college: (Mathas and English S 1 Teaching Certificate (Pass with Distinction Leading to special Admission to Nairobi University)
Mbita Secondary School: East African Certificate of Education (First Division)
Kaswanga Primary School: Kenya Primary Education ( Certificate)
......- ..
D. Oko/h Okoll7!Jo, rv 2000/2001
A. University Teaching and Administration (UON)
Current Position: 1992 - Dec 1998: 1988 -1992: 1988 - April 2000:
Professor (Linguistics and Communication Skills) Associate Professor
Senior Lecturer
Head of Department
August 1988 - October 1988.. . . .. .... Senior Lecturer
July 1984 - July 1988 .............. . .. . ... Lecturer
October 1979 - June 1984 .....Tutorial Fellow
Currently (since April 2000) Academic Dean of Faculty
Performed concurrently with my professional duties in the Department of Linguistics
and Literature.
B. High School Teaching
May - September 1972 ...................... Nyakongo Girls' Secondary school
May - June 1974 ................................ Nyambaria Secondary School
July - September 1972....................... Lwak Girls' Secondary School
C. Examining in Other Universities
Dar-Es-Salaam University (Tanzania).....
External Examiner: Kiswahili Studies, M. A, Linguistics (since 1989)
Moi University (Kenya).....................
External Examiner: English, M. A. Linguistics (since 1989) Communication Skills (Since
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (Kenya)
External Examiner: Communication Skins
and Development Studies (Since 1991)
Solusi University (Zimbabwe). . . . . . . . . . . .
External Examiner: English (Since 1997)
--. -~
Egerton University (Kenya)...............
-- -.. University--(Kenya).............
-.----------------------D. Okofh Oko/11ho, CV 200W200 1
External Examiner Linguistics (Since 1998)
External Examiner: Linguistics (since January 1999)
Catholic University (East Africa) ... ............. External Examiner:
LinguisticslEnglish (Since January 2001)
External Examiner: Linguistics (Since Jan
Maseno University (Kenya)..............
D. Visiting Scholar at Other Universities
December 1981-March 1982 (3 months).. August - September 1989 ( 4 weeks).. . . . .
September-October 1990 ( 5 weeks). . . . . . . .
March - July 1994 ( 5 months) ........ .. .. ..
E. Special University Committees
........... ...
... ... ... ...
... ........ ... ... ....
. . ...
. . ...
. . ...
. . '". . ...
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
1990-1994. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
F. Project Management
Since 1991 ............... ... . .. . . ..
Collogne University, West Germany Northwestern University U.S.A Laboratoire des
Languages et Civilisations a' tradition Orale/lnstituit Nationa1e des Langues et
Civilisations Orientales, Paris
Bayreuth University, Germany
Chairman, CEES (CAB) Committee on Promotion Criteria for Teaching Staff
Member, Senate common Undergraduate Courses Syllabus committee (Chairman: Prof.
Akello Ogutu)
Member, Senate Committee on the Terms of service for Tutorial Fellows, Assistant
Lecturers, Lecturers (Chairman: Prof. Senei)
Member, Senate Committee on the Evaluation of the Office of the Dean of Students
(Chairman: Prof. Were)
CEES Representative, VON Board of Postgraduate Studies
Director, Kenyan Sign Language Research Project
'" .)
~ ------ -,",
_._,..- --------.----------_'_H
D. Okoth Okom!Jo, CV 2000/2001
G. Curriculum Evaluation
Since 1993... .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . ... Resource person for the Commission for
Higher Education Curriculum Committee
(Language and Communications Syllabi)
Over the last 15 years, I have undertaken a wide range of part-time technical editing jobs
with the following organizations/publishers
0 African Council for Communication Education (Africa Media Review)
0 The Kenya National Academy of Sciences (Journal of Sciences: Humanities
and Social Sciences)
0 East African Educational Publishers (books)
0 Basic Books (books)
0 Institute for Development Studies (IDS Occasional Papers)
0 Institute of Population Studies (Research reports)
0 Unicef (Project reports)
0 Abantu for Development (Project reports)
0 Wamama (Project reports)
0 Eastern African Economic Review (Journals)
0 AAWORD (Project Reports)
0 Kenya Oral Literature Association (books)
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~,.-- A
D. Okolh Okomho, (T' 2000/2001
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- _. - _.--.- ~--.
D. Oko/h Oko/11ho, ev 2000200 I
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(a) The Suba Language Research Project
(b) Kenyan Sign Language Research Project
(c) E.AE.P. Primary English Project
(d) Writing a Linguistics Textbook for African Students (OUP)
(a) 1974
Certificate of Distinguished performance as an SI trainee teacher (Kenyatta College)
D. Okoth Okomho, crr 200012001
(b) 1997
Gandhi Prize for Best Final Year Student (UON, Faculty of AI1S) Shell Prize for Best
Final Year student (UON, Faculty of Arts)
(c) 1992-1995
International President of the Sign Language Scientific Commission of the W orId
Federation of the Deaf (in recognition of my research in the area of Deaf
(d) Since 1993
Member (by invitation) of the Kenya National Academy of Sciences'
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