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Agenda item 7b
Croatian National Accounts
Jadranka Vuglar & Jasna Kiš
Workshop on the Implementation of the 2008 SNA,
Kiev, 29 November – 2 December 2011
Croatia – some basic facts
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Croatia – some basic facts
Independent since 1991.
87 661 km2 (33 826 SM)
Land Area
Coastal Sea
56 542 km2 (21 831 SM)
31 067 km2 (11 995 SM)
5 835 km (3 625 M) – 1185 islands, rocks and reefs
4 437 460 (women: 51,87 %)
Zagreb (population: 779 145)
Catholic 87,83 %
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Croatia – basic economic indicators
GDP per capita, estimate at current prices
10 394 EUR
GDP, at constant previous year prices
CPI 2010
Average monthly gross earning per person,
1 054 EUR
Coverage of imports by exports, 2010.
60,5 %
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Croatia – some basic facts
Structure of tourist nights: 90% foreign, 10% domestic
Most foreign tourists come from: Germany (22,7%), Slovenia (11,2%)
Most tourist nights (5%): Rovinj
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Producers of official statistics
– The Croatian Bureau of Statistics as a central body
– The Croatian National Bank
– Administrative body of the City of Zagreb authorized to perform
official statistics tasks
– Other authorized bodies determined by the Programme
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Croatian Statistical System
Republic of Croatia’s EU accession process:
February 2003
Croatia applies for accession to EU
June 2004
Croatia becomes candidate country
October 2005
The Commission formally opens negotiations
June 2007
Chapter 18 Statistics opened
October 2009
Chapter 18 Statistics closed
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Croatian Statistical System
• Accession negotiation Chapter 18 - Statistics
– Two closing benchmark for provisional closure of negotiations on Chapter
• national accounts
• agricultural statistics
Page 8
Closing benchmarks - National Accounts
– closing benchmark document; Gross National Income Inventory
Progress achieved in National accounts during 2009
– Major statistical revision has improved the coverage and quality of estimates.
– Three main parts of revision were: exhaustiveness adjustments, improved method
for owner occupied dwellings and calculations and allocation of FISIM according to
EU regulation.
– New set of data were prepared for annual GDP for the period 1995 to 2005 and for
quarterly GDP for the period 1Q2000 to 3Q2008.
Page 9
Closing benchmarks – National Accounts (cont.)
– Revised GDP/GNI data for annual figures were also subject to the transmissions to
– A detailed description of sources and methods of compilation GNI/GDP (annual
and quarterly) were prepared and sent to Eurostat.
– Sector accounts have been revised according to new GDP level and transmitted to
– Regional gross value added had been revised according to MSR. Data for regional
GVA, GFCF and employment in persons were sent according to transmission
Page 10
Progres in 2010 and 2011
– Another (minor) revision of GDP:
the inclusion of CFC for government non-market producers,
the inclusion of EAA into the national accounts,
the valuation of output of insurance in line with the ESA 95,
the valuation of the output of non-market producers, who satisfy the 50%
rule of the ESA 95,
• the inclusion of the production of software for own account,
• the verification of the size of cross-border flows of CE and
• the reviewing of all taxes on production
– New set of data were prepared for annual GDP for the period 1995 to 2007 and for
quarterly GDP for the period 1Q2000 to 4Q2010 (transmission to Eurostat)
– Update of GNI Inventory
– revision of sector accounts according to new GDP data
Page 11
Progres in 2010 and 2011 (cont.)
– Introduction of quarterly flash estimate at t+60
– The first SuT for 2004 in current prices
– Changeover to NACE Rev 2. of annual and quarterly data
– Improvement of constant price estmates of annual and quarterly data
Page 12
Future plans
Reconstruction of annual and quartarly GDP series according to NACE Rev 2. ,
Improvements of NOE data (illegal economy),
Developing quarterly sector accounts,
Regularly compilation of SuT and IOT tables,
Developing national accounts database
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