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 Attracted Jews who mixed
with the rest of the
population and wanted to
enjoy the same freedom
 Interpret scriptures with
modern methods and were
less concerned with purity
laws, kosher food, and the
desire to return to their
homeland in Israel
 Use a combination of Eng
and Hebrew in services
 Men and women sit
together in the synagogue
and women can be
ordained as rabbis
 Many believe that as long
as one parent is Jewish, the
child is Jewish
 Believe in individualism as
well as tikkun olamrepairing the world
through social action
 This movement arose out of fear that Jews would lose their
traditional values and traditions
Follow many, but not all of the 613 commandments of the
Torah, as well as early traditions
The needs of the community and keeping the Jewish
identity come before the individual wants and needs
Stress active involvement in synagogue as well as tikkun
Men and women sit together in synagogue and women can
be ordained rabbis
Conservative Judaism is the largest branch of Judaism
 Observes all the ancient rules
and practices as they want to
avoid “watering down” the
Jewish faith
Follow the Torah very strictly,
observing the Sabbath and
other Jewish holy days
They use Hebrew in the
synagogue, dress modestly,
and follow dietary laws
Men and women do not sit
together in the synagogue
Being Jewish can only be
passed down through the