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* Your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project

Due Date: October 30, 2015
The scientific problem should be written as a question. You may use the examples
below to help you in finding your project idea.
Model 1 – “ How does
(Example: “How does water temperature affect plant growth?” )
Model 2 – “What is the effect of
(Example: “What is the effect of liquid fertilizer on house plants?”)
Model 3 – “Which
(consumer product) is
(strongest, last longest, etc.)?”
(Example: “ Which brand of white glue is the strongest?”)
Model 4 – “What is the relationship between
(Example: “What is the relationship between the amount of fertilizer and the number of
flowers on a rose bush?”)
Please write 3 problems/questions below and submit them to your teacher for consideration:
I understand that the project will need to be completed at home. I am aware that my science fair
project and all of its pieces will be worth several grades. I accept and approve of the science fair
topics my student has chosen.
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