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Expected Learning Outcomes (ELO)
Department: Middle School
Course Name: Spanish B
Instructor: Aysem Bray
Grade Level: 8th
Area: 5: At the airport
Students will learn vocabulary about the airport, planes and flying so that they can plan a trip by
plane and ask and answer questions about traveling.
Students will learn some jewelry and personal belongings as gifting people.
Students will learn comparatives and superlatives in order to be able to make comparisons.
Students can discuss about what they want to do in terms of traveling using PENSAR+verb
infinitive to express future plan.
Students will express their opinion using verb CREER+QUE(I believe that).
Students can what others did using verb HACER(to do) in the past tense and answer using past
tense verbs such as COMPRAR(to buy), DAR(to give), PAGAR(to pay).
Students will learn (e>ie only) stem-changing verbs and they will be able to use them in context.