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What are PALs?
Partners in Active Learning
Faculty members team up across disciplines to provide a rich collaborative
environment in which students critically evaluate and respond to issues. To
make a PAL, college faculty, staff, and students:
 Collaborate with the community to identify issues of interest
 Select topics adaptable to study in a wide range of courses
 Form small groups of courses across disciplines
 Coalesce around projects aligned with course objectives and outcomes
 Work together to reach goals defined by the college and community
 Present project results to the college and partnering community
What types of activities are included?
Classes designated as PALs may include the following:
Peer mentoring via mixed teams comprised of all involved classes
Guest lecturers across classes
Student presentations across classes where watch class presents
project plans, core knowledge, and/or project materials to other
classes involved
Communication between classes in synchronous and asychronous
Want to learn more?
Click here if you are new to PALs and want to learn more about what they
are or how to get involved.
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