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Ecosystem Vocabulary
Population-Individuals of the same kind living in an environment
Community-All the populations of organisms living together in an
Ecosystem-A community and its physical environment
Habitat-A place in an ecosystem where a population lives
Niche-The role each population has in its habitat
Biotic-Living elements in an environment
Abiotic-Nonliving elements in an environment
Food chain-The path of energy from one living thing to another
Food web-Shows how all the organisms in an ecosystem depend on
each other for food
Producer-Organisms that use sunlight to make their own food
Consumer-Organisms that must eat to get energy (animal)
Decomposer-Organisms that break down the tissues of dead
organisms (bacteria, worms)
Succession-A gradual change of the kinds of organisms in an
Energy Pyramid-Shows how much energy passes from one
organism to another at each level of a food chain