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Chemistry review sheet
1. Name the three particles of the atom and their charges:
2. What is an element?
3. What is an atom?
4. What does the PH scale measure? Provide an example
5. What is the atomic number of an element?
6. How is the periodic table of elements arranged?
7. What is a solution?
8. What are the two parts of a solution?
9. Energy needed to start a chemical reaction is called?
10. In a chemical reaction what are the two parts called?
11. What are the two types of bonds? What are the differences? Which is strong, weak?
12. What is a catalyst?
13. What catalysts do we have in our body?
14. What is an exergonic reaction?
15. What is an endergonic reaction?
16. What are the three states of matter, provide examples?
17. What is an Ion?
18. Create an electron level diagram (Bohr model) of Oxygen 8 electrons:
19. Create an electron level diagram (Bohr model) of Magnesium 12 electrons:
20. Will oxygen and magnesium combine? Use your answers from 18 and 19 to support the answer:
21. Be able to balance chemical equations.