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2008 Final Individual Project
Using no more than 5 double-spaced pages (12pt font, 1 inch margins), citations to the primary
literature, consultation of the individual species management plans on the class website, and
figures where appropriate:
Describe a spatially explicit management plan for the conservation of biological diversity in the
Cedar River Watershed. In your plan discuss how you would treat the land cover and how you
would invovle the public in your plan. (Consult your readings and notes from the quarter to
invoke principles of landscape and population ecology as well as the concepts of coarse/fine filter
conservation and ecosystem services in your plan.) Explicitly consider the challenges and
synergies of simultaneously managing for northern goshawks, pileated woodpeckers, red-legged
frogs, and fisher reintroduction as well as the conservation opportunity framework of the
Washington Biodiversity Council.
We would expect a format roughly as follows:
Challenges in simultaneously managing for the multiple species studied in class
Your multispecies (biodiversity) plan
Issues with your plan
Research and Future Needs to support your plan