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Canterbury Tales Review Sheet
1. Why are the pilgrims traveling? Where are they going? Why?
2. What does the innkeeper suggest they do along the way?
3. Who will be the judge along the way? What is the reward/prize?
4. Who is the most highly regarded pilgrim in the prologue? Explain your
5. What literary technique is used in the prologue to describe/explain the
6. Which pilgrims does Chaucer not regard highly? Explain your answer.
7. What does the prologue reveal about Chaucer’s society?
8. Why does Chaucer describe so many different members of his society?
Pardoner’s Tale
1. Why are the three rioters looking for death?
2. What do they expect to find under the tree, and what do they actually
3. What happens to the rioters?
4. What is the moral of “The Pardoner’s Tale”?
5. In the light of the Pardoner’s true motives, why is the moral of this tale
6. What did Baba Brinkman have to say about “The Pardoner’s Tale” in
his introduction?
The Wife of Bath’s Tale
1. What is the inspiration for the Wife of Bath’s tale?
2. What change does the queen make in the knight’s sentence?
3. What information does the old woman give the knight?
4. What happens to the old woman after the knight agrees to abide by her
5. In what way is the question that the queen poses to the knight related to
the crime that he has committed?
6. What theme about marriage would you say this tale conveys?