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Eagle Tutorial 1
Dane Kouttron
555 timer you say?
Quick Recap from last time
Super useful for:
•Pulse generation
• Servo Frequency
•Low component count dubstep?
Starting a new project
Create a project
Create a schematic
Grab an existing library
Adafruit super awesome library of parts:
Extract zip file, copy adafruit.lbr -> your eagle library directory
[Windows = \Program Files\Eagle-6.3.0\lbr]
[Mac = <your install directory> /Eagle-6.3.0/lbr]
What's a parts library?!?
Pre-built libraries from vendors
* Generally useful as a time-saver. Complex hundred pin components are
slow to generate, but easy to copy-paste in.
* Can be troublesome if there’s an inherent error / part deviation
Add 555 Timer to your schematic
Add 2X Coin Cell Battery to your
Add the output LED!
Add a 3mm led
(not a giant 10W arc reactor)
More Components!
Duplicate This!
You’re a Lizzard Harry
Start layout!
Maximum dimensions 2” x 3”!
Email Your Layout!
Email your .brd file AND NAME to:
[email protected]