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Professor Ojdana
Information Systems for Managers
Monday evening
Case Study #6 What Can Businesses Learn From Text Mining
Adrienne Larson
1. What challenges does the increase in unstructured data present for businesses?
With large amounts of data being received it is extremely time intensive to analyze the
information and make time appropriate decisions once that feedback has been organized.
2. How does text- mining improve decision-making?
Text-mining software analyzes data in rapid time. It presents that information in an organized
manner which gives the end user the necessary feedback to make timely decisions. This type of
text searching technology “automatically identifies facts, opinions, request, trends, and trouble
spots from unstructured text”. When timely decisions are made customer service is improved
and that creates more profit.
3. What kinds of companies are most likely to benefit from text mining software? Explain.
Any company that receives outside data from customers, wants to increase profit, believe rapid
decision making is necessary and helps create that profit, and has the means to purchase and
manage that software. This software is on the cutting edge for companies to have a competitive
edge over other companies who don’t invest in the software.
4. In what ways could text mining potentially lead to the erosion of personal information privacy?
Could? It already is eroding personal information. Anyone who uses computer technology is on
the grid to be followed. Government agencies are using text mining to see patterns in a person
communication with others to aid in profiling for illegal activity. Anytime we log on to the
internet our information requests are being monitored by someone. There was a saying I grew
up with “big brother is watching”. Well he not only is watching but is now listening, profiling and
making some assumptions
that do compromise our right to privacy.