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Healthcare Information Technology Executive Summit 2011
June 16, 2011
Orlando González Rivera, Esq., CPA
Changing Healthcare in Puerto Rico
• InnovaMD is the first operational Health Information Exchange (HIE) in
– Launched November 2010
– Signed an agreement with the REC to provide HIE services to all participant
providers for all payers.
• The Vision
Reduce clinical errors
Improve the quality of care offered in PR
Reduce costs
Empower consumers to better understand and address their own healthcare
Connecting Providers
• Over 6,000 providers connected and accessing InnovaMD
– Including 14 Hospitals and counting
• Accessing the Participant Patient’s Clinical Profile
– Medication Reconciliation
– Current Conditions
– Lab Results
– Relevant Clinical information
• 100 Physicians actively e-prescribing
• Over 5,000 scripts electronically sent
• 510 Interaction alerts raised
– Improve Patient safety
– Avoid possible visits to the ER
– Access to current medications list avoids unnecessary medications
– Support Meaningful Use (MU)
Connecting Physicians with their Electronic Health
• Working with 22 EHR Vendors approved by the REC
• Exchange of Clinical Information using the exchange standard
– CCD (Continuity of Care Document)
– Send Encounters
– Send Quality Metrics
– Send Lab and Radiology Orders
• Live in July with the first 2 EHR’s
• Over 300,000 Structured Lab results loaded and available in
the system
• Using national nomenclature standards
• 90 clinical laboratories and growing
• Lab Order entry live in July
• Benefits
– No need to pick up lab results
– Results will be available for Doctors to review
• Will start pilot project with CIRT (Ponce) and San Patricio CT
• Share Images and Results Reports
• Benefits
– Imaging centers will receive electronic orders
– Avoid handwriting errors
– Automatic Eligibility verification
– Send results to ordering Physician and the Patient
What’s next
• Launching Member Portal in July
– Access their Personal Health Record
• Mobile applications to access clinical information at the point
of care
• Population Health Metrics
• Rollout connected EHR’s to more Physicians to benefit from
the exchange