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Healthy Relationships
What is a Relationship?
 Type of connection existing between
people related to or having
communication with each other.
 Examples – family, friends, dating,
Characteristics of a Healthy
 Open Communication
 Mutual Respect
 Honesty
 Trust
 Support
 Fairness/Equality
When a Relationship Goes
 How do you recognize the signs of an
unhealthy relationship?
Characteristics of an
Unhealthy Relationship
 Manipulation
 Controlling
 Criticizing
 Intimidation
 Unhappy in the relationship
 Threatening or mistreating
How to Maintain a Healthy
 The ingredients are simple:
 Appreciate each other’s qualities
 Have good communication
 Keep realistic expectations
 Have shared interests
 Have the ability to face and deal with
conflicts together
 Value yourself and the other person
What is conflict?
 To be in disagreement, or contradiction;
any clash of ideas or interests.
Communicating During
 Some things that you can be aware of to
communicate more effectively during a
conflict are:
Express yourself – stay calm, but explain
your feelings
Choose the right words
Body language
Be Assertive
Tools for solving a conflict
 Mediation – objective third party helps
 Negotiation – mutual discussion and
 Compromise – a settlement of differences
by mutual concessions (meet in the
 Empathy – seeing things from another
persons perspective