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Kii Mountains Walking
Environmental Spirituality
In a Shingon Buddhist Context
World Heritage Site Pilgrimage
Walking Mind
Statue of Kukai
Walking Bodisatva
Hokusai: Group of Mountain
Buddha Mind Tree Mind
Hokusai 100 Views of Fuji
Sacred Tree
Bonsai Trees
Restored Wayside Temple
Spiritual Ferocity
Wayside Buddha Shrine
Statue in Traditional Rain Garb
Wayside Shrine
The Face of
Irrigation and Power
100 Views of Fuji
January Garden Chores
Cedar Bucket Craftsman
From 100 Views of Fuji
Traditional Workshop
Drying Yams
Wayside Woodcarver’s Stand
Protecting Spirit
Bamboo and Shrine
Tree Mind II
Stairway to Hongu Temple
Looking North, Looking South
Hot Springs Temple
Ono Waterfall
Urami no taki
Nachi Falls
Nachi Falls
Mongaku ( Endo Morito, c. 1120 - 1200 )
subjecting himself to three years penance
as a Buddhist monk beneath the
waterfall of Mount Nachi in Kii Province.
Morito inflicted this punishment on
himself because he had inadvertently cut
off the head of Kesa Gozen, the wife of
the palace guard Watanabe Wataru, with
whom he was in love. At the top of the
design is Fudo Myo-o, the guardian deity
of waterfalls, and at the bottom and top
right are Seitaka and Kongara ( doji of
Fudo ).
Nachi Temple
Taijii Field
Taijii Waters
Captive Whales
Shrine for Whalers
Wakayama Modern Art Museum
Wakayama Museum of Modern Art
Tiger in Wakayama Castle
Shingon Monk Walking
A Thousand Years of Graves
Where Prayers are Chanted
Prayer Sticks in Snowy Waters
Buddha Mind Snow Mind
Venerating Buddhas
Buddha Mind Icicle Mind
Old Growth Graveyard
Buddha Faces
Buddha Mind Mother Mind
Machiko’s Farm House
Dinner at Machiko’s
Nature Viewing Room