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Some ideas and Examples
Questions about form
So what word goes in this space ? How do you spell that ? Is that a verb ?
What comes after the verb ? What’s the name of this tense ?
Questions about function
Do they know each other ? Is this formal or informal ? Where do you think
they are speaking ? Is this polite ? Why does he say that ? How does he feel ?
Problems and puzzles
Put these words in the right order. Fill in the spaces. How many sentences can
you make from these words ? Change this into the past simple tense. Put the
words in the right list under the right heading .
Reflecting on use
Write down some of the sentences you used. Why did you use that tense ?
What was the answer ? What was the idea you wanted to express ? Where was
the problem ? Which of those two sentences is correct ?
Hypothesizing rules
Is this possible ? What will the ending be in this example ? Is there a rule ?
Why is that incorrect ? Can you think of another word that could go here ?
Sentence analysis
Mark all the prepositions. Mark the main stress in the sentence. How many
auxiliary verbs are there ? Cross out any unnecessary words. What would
Happen if we moved this word to the beginning ?
Discussion about language
Which sentence do you prefer ? Why do you like this ? What might help you
remember this ? What mistakes are you likely to make with this ? Is this the
Same in your language ?
Contexts and situations
This is Paul. Where does he work ? Tell me what he does every day. Jo’s got
a full diary. What’s she doing tonight ? Look at this picture. What’s going to
happen ?