Download Vocabulary for “The Sniper”

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Vocabulary for “The Sniper”
Spell each of the
following words as they
are called—listen carefully
for word endings that you
Check your spelling!
Spasmodically  adv involuntarily
contracting or moving
Beleaguered  adj  surrounded or
Ascetic  noun  a person who
practices severe self-discipline
Fanatical  adj  having excessive
Paroxysm  noun  a sudden
activity, outburst , or convulsion
Take a look at this story’s title and
the vocabulary words: what do you
notice about them? What
inferences can you make about this
story based on the vocabulary?
Oh—an FYI: This story also contains the
word “parapet.” You don’t need to write
it down, but, so you know, it means. . .
A low, protective wall at the edge of a
roof, balcony or bridge