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Welcome to Cross-Cultural Rhetoric!
International Welcome Signs, Arlanda Airport, Stockholm, Sweden
International Welcome Signs, Newark Airport, New York, USA
CCR = Cross-Cultural Rhetoric
“Developing Intercultural Competencies
through Collaborative Rhetoric”
Wallenberg Hall, SCIL
The Wallenberg Global Learning Network (or WGLN)
funded this project to produce new knowledge
for best practices in technology-mediated pedagogy
that focuses on learning “Cross-Cultural competencies”
for use in a variety of educational settings.
Goals for Today’s Workshop
November 12, 2007
•To get to know students from across the world and form global teams
•To understand diverse cultural perspectives on texts
•To learn how texts (artifacts/expressions) are situated rhetorically & culturally
•To investigate the effect of technological pedagogy on small group work
“Successful intercultural communication is a matter of highest importance if
humankind and society are to survive.”
-- Larry Samovar, Richard Porter, and Edwin McDaniel, Intercultural Communication