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WWII: The Tide Turns
Denmark Resistance
• Only active country to resist the Nazi’s
• Nationwide rescue of Jews
• Helped 8,000 people to safety
German Resistance
• “White Rose” movement; 1942
• Hans and Sophie Scholl
• Spread anti-Nazi leaflets
North African
• Germany advancing
• British fight back, surprise attack
• Rommel’s army forced to fall back
Operation Torch
• November 8, 1942
• Allied Forces of 100,000 troops
• Crushed Rommel’s Afrika Korps
Battle of Stalingrad
• Stalin “Defend City till Death”
• The Winter of 1943 Saved the City
• Germany Surrenders
Invasion of Italy
• Capture Sicily, September 1943
• Mussolini losses power
• Germans retreat north
D-day Invasion
• June 6, 1944
• Operation Overlord
• Largest land and sea attack in history
Fall of 1944
• Allies has marched into Paris
• Liberated France, Belgium,
Battle of the Bulge
• Hitlers desperate gamble
• Attack Allied forces in the west
• Allies eventually push Germany back
Germany Surrenders
• War rapidly drew to a close
• Allies surrounded Berlin
• May 9, 1945 (V-E day) Victory in
Potsdam Conference
• The “Big Three”- Russia, U.S., Britain
• Post-war order
Nuremberg Trials
• Nazi War Criminals
tried before an
international court